Wednesday 24 September 2014

50 Permata kids and their handlers flown to New York for Presentation Ceremony! Who the F#*K is paying for this?

steadyaku47 comment: These are the kind of things they write about Rosmah and her traveling companion - than son of a former Prime Minister of Malaysia -   that makes us go "Hmmmmmm!". 


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Wednesday, September 24, 2014
The State Of The Nation
Folks this is a long one. Get the popcorn or the keropok. 
Well the State of the Nation is not exactly peaches.

1. For starters the Prime Minister may no more qualify for permanent residency in Malaysia. He does not stay inside the country.

His status may become 'transient'. He could end up in a different tax bracket as well.  The reason is because the PM is rarely in Malaysia. 

In the last 45 days, he went missing in Sardinia, London, Cannes etc for 18 days. 

He returned home for a short while and then left for Azerbaijan for two days on September 11th.

After Azerbaijan he was supposed to go straight to New York but plans changed. He returned home for a few days and then he left for New York from the 20th till the 28th September ie NINE days.

This means in the past 45 days the PM Najib Razak would have been outside the country  for 29 DAYS. He is supposed to be back on September 28th or 29th. Lets see how long he stays in the country before he flies off again.

In the meantime the country is running on remote control. That is why the country is falling apart. There is no one in charge.  The PM is MIA. Or maybe AWOL. Talk is he cannot take the pressure. He has to constantly go overseas (on junket trips that mean nothing) just to get away from the office.

And what is the PM doing for NINE days in New York? Well actually it is the wife as well. What is Rosmah is doing in New York? Here is the evidence :

 Above and below : Rosmah greeting Pertama Pintar students after witnessing the signing of the memorandum of understanding between Petronas and Yayasan Permata in New York. — Bernama

Why fly another 50 Permata kids and their handlers all the way to New York for a presentation ceremony? Why not do it here in KL? So everyone gets a free trip to New York? At whose expense? 

So what exactly is the PM doing for NINE days in New York? Ok he is going to address the UN General Assembly on the 26th. Big deal. Will the UN Reps from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Qatar be there or are they going fishing on that day? The idea is to get Malaysia a spot on the Security Council. And get that fellow as our  representative to the UN. They are planning somethings. Most likely they will get their knickers twisted

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