Saturday 27 September 2014

Shame on You Najib! RM 261,000 to advertise at New York Times Square to welcome Malaysian Prime Minister! Ptui!

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The advertisement at Times Square welcoming Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak is paid by someone and guess how much it cost?
Firstly, let’s calculate how much roughly it would cost the “mysterious person” to advertise at Times Square, New York City. According to an article by AdAge, Dunkin Donuts paid $3.6 million (RM 10.8 million) a year, AB Inbev (Bud Light and Corona’s Parent Company) paid $3.4 million (RM 10.2 million) a year and the cheapests ad slot goes for $200,000 (RM 600,000) per month. Using a calculator, the average for those three price points per month is $261,000 (RM 783,000). Drilling down to the cost per day would be $8,700 (RM 26,100) . Since the ad will run for 10 days (Sep 20-30th), the cost will be a rough estimation $87,000 (RM 261,000). Of course these figures are rough estimation but you can imagine how much money is needed to advertise at Times Square New York City!
Second question, who paid for the advertisement? Of course, it will not be the obvious Malaysian Government because of accounting and auditing issues. So it must be someone linked to the government who has deep pockets. And in the end, Tax Payer will bear the cost of advertising at Times Square to Welcome “The Honorable Najib Razak to New York”.
p.s. Obama didn’t pay for this because the US Government will not pay for such ludracis advertisement even if your contry lost two planes this year.
Shame On You Government of Malaysia and those responsible for wasting the tax payers’ money!

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