Monday 29 September 2014

cakap cakap. Najib will be visiting us soon...very soon!

PM announces 9 day working visit to Malaysia. 

Submitted by Jet-setting Leadership Editor,

NEW YORK:   The rakyat were delighted to learn today, that our Prime Minister is planning a 9 day working visit to Malaysia.

“This is wonderful news!” said a government spokesman, “it’s very fortunate the PM was able to squeeze us into his busy schedule after trips to Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Ukraine, London, his European holiday, and New York.”

“The PM will be meeting Malaysian university students studying here, as well as several captains of industry with the goal of enabling Malaysia to foster better relations with itself.” said a source in the PM’s department.  “He definitely sees huge potential in Malaysia, and expects these meetings will bring more economic benefits all round!”

After the working visit, the PM accompanied by his wife, will then depart Malaysia for another place that is rumoured to be as far away as possible.

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steadyaku47 comment:

Engkau orang ni macham macham punya cerita lah! Betul tak respect Rosmah punya husband! As Rodney Dangerfield  always say: "I get no respect !"

Neither does Najib. 

Everyone keeps hitting Najib below the belt. It is a wonder that he can still perform his manly duties upon his wife! He is already NOT performing his duties as PM! So kalau he does not perform his manly duties and his PM duties how? Is this what they call a double dissolution? 

That is why the above news is so welcome. 

At last he will spend a few days here to do some catch up work before Christmas and New Year is once again upon us and the two of them will be off again busy chasing the dragon...i.e. chasing the sun to put in some extra days celebrating New Year! 

No such thing for most of us...we would be lucky to even catch the ice cream man any time he comes to our neighborhood. 

or the kachang putih seller:

Meanwhile while we patiently wait for the Ice Cream and the Kachang Putih man to do their rounds again.....let us all wait for Najib's visit.


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