Monday 22 September 2014

Will he be MB? Forty Eight Hours and All Will be Done!

In less than 48 hours it will be over. All the intrigue, the sandiwara, the silap mata, Kajang move, stabbing Tan Sri Khalid in the back, calling Tuanku's bluff,  pulling the coalition apart, accusation of nepotism and attempts at building a family dynasty..........all will be over and done and the question asked will be has it been worth it? 

And what if Azmin Ali is Tuanku's choice? Will Anwar and his cohorts within PKR do to Azmin what they have done to Khalid all over again? Will PKR again cut off their nose to spite their face?  

Probably yes! 

Never mind the damage done to themselves....they are all like crabs in a pot. 

Have you noticed that in the market there never is a cover for the pot that the crabs are in? Have you wondered why the crab seller is not worried about the crabs climbing out of the pot? If you watch the crabs you will see that when any crab tries to climb out of the pot the other crabs will pull the crab back into the pot....and so all of them are doom. 

The same in PKR. 

Whenever any of them is about to succeed in pulling themselves out of the abyss that is PKR...the others in PKR will not allow them to succeed and will pull them back into the abyss that is PKR. The same thing happened to Khalid when he took Selangor out of the abyss that PKR was sinking in. They would not allow Khalid to succeed....they want Khalid to stay in the same pot that PKR is now in - a pot that understands one thing and one thing only....what Anwar Ibrahim wants is what PKR wants. And for now Anwar Ibrahim wants his wife to be MB of Selangor. Never mind that at one time Anwar wanted Azmin Ali to be MB and at another time Anwar wanted himself to be MB! Today he wants his wife to be MB! 

Already the long knives are out for Azmin Ali and if it is someone from PAS that becomes MB you can expect PKR to do the same to PAS as what they are planning to do to Azmin Ali. Vulture politics at its worst. 

Does Azmin Ali need Anwar Ibrahim's okay to accept the MB's post if it was offered to him? 

Why should he? 

All those sign SD's purporting to support Azizah were made under duress. If a secret ballot was to be held amongst the elected representatives in Selangor Azmin Ali will have the numbers. Anwar knows this, Azizah knows this and Azmin knows this! A few PKR operatives whose position in PKR depends on the goodwill of Anwar Ibrahim will have to die with Anwar because they have no other options, but in the main PKR has been waiting for this clash between Anwar and Azmin - a clash that PKR must have if it is to have any relevance within the Pakatan Rakyat coalition and to the long suffering electorates. Once again I say that Azmin Ali has the numbers....whether he will have the nerve to seize the moment is moot. 

We do not have long to wait......another forty eights hours and all will be done!  

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