Tuesday 2 September 2014

cakap cakap...Istana Bukit Segambut lwn the other Istana, Guan Eng and Mokhtar Dahari

Let me tell you  a few things that has been on my mind these last few days. 

I would be one of those blogger who have hantam royalty quiet royally in the time that I have been blogging. The Sultan of Johore, Pahang and Selangor have all been featured at one time or another on my blog......just click on the states and you can read what I have written in the past about them. Of these Malay Rulers, the Sultan of Selangor have been prodded by me more times than anyone else...he and his randy champagne loving son Amir because they lead more colorful lives than most. But even as I do all this I am  mindful of Mao Zedong advice: When you want to wake up a Tiger use a long stick. So I write in the relative comfort of my apartment far far away in Melbourne knowing there there will never be a time when I would need to megadap any of these Malay Rulers to ask them to pray appoint my wife as MB of the state they reign over.

And then along comes Anwar Ibrahim. He has to make an appointment before he can see the Sultan of Selangor....and even when he respectfully writes to Tuanku requesting a meeting, Tuanku can still rebuff him. It is Anwar who has to go to Istana Kayangan. Tuanku does not go to Istana Bukit Segambut. Tuanku had made it known to anyone that he wants two or more names to be submitted for the soon to be vacant MB post. Tuanku did not infer, he did not suggest, he did not do the nudge nudge, wink wink favored by the British nor did he  bisek bisek through any third parties to convey his wishes to Anwar. He wrote a letter confirming his wishes.    

What did Anwar do? He tells us "Keputusan PKR berkeras untuk mengemukakan hanya satu nama iaitu Presiden PKR, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail untuk dilantik ke jawatan itu".

So how? I think Tuanku is saying "Make my Day" ala Clint Eastwood ma! This is not an unstoppable force meeting an immovable Sir!  Go back to what I wrote above...."Anwar has to make an appointment before he can see the Sultan of Selangor....and even when he respectfully writes to Tuanku requesting a meeting, Tuanku can still rebuff him". To me this is a no brainier....I can just picture Tuanku reminiscing about the whole episode the next time he shoots the breeze on his Harley Davidson with friends riding into the sunset...after a round of drinks (none of the hard stuff of course) at the Hard Rock Cafe.

The other thing on my mind is Penang and Guan Eng. During Gerakan time in Penang we know that Penang was essentially a Chinese bastion in every which way but it still was part and parcel of "our country...our Malaysia". Increasingly as DAP increases its hold on Penang, more and more I see arrogance coming from Guan Eng and his "Ministers" and day by day Penang drifts away from the rest of Malaysia in the things that they do and in the manner they think....they think that they are better than "us"..."us" being the rest of Malaysia. 

I would like to remind DAP and Guan Eng that there is a limit to what they can and should do in Penang even as DAP increases its hold over the Island. That limit is decided not by the BN government and not by the Penang State will be decided by the people of Malaysia who might just say enough to the constant "me first" and "look at me" claims by Guan Eng and company as to what they are doing in Penang. It is time that Penang makes a genuine attempt at making Penang into  what we all aspire to - 1Malaysia - not a DAP state, not a Chinese state and certainly not a state that is different from the other 12 states that makes up this nation we call Malaysia. 

Last and not least...I think the late and great Mokhtar Dahari deserves more than just this:

What says you?

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