Thursday 25 September 2014

What Occupies your Mind this Morning? The Beheading of a French Hostage or Apple iPhone 'Bendgate'?

Jihadists behead French hostage in Algeria

Jihadists linked to the Islamic State group have beheaded a Frenchman abducted in Algeria in a video posted online, after Paris rejected their demand to halt air strikes in Iraq.
President Francois Hollande condemned the "cruel and cowardly" murder of Herve Gourdel and said it would only strengthen France's resolve to pursue its air war against the Islamic State group.
The 55-year-old was kidnapped on Sunday by Jund al-Khilifa, or "Soldiers of the Caliphate," while hiking in a national park that became a sanctuary for Islamists.
His beheading followed France's rejection of the group's 24-hour ultimatum to halt air raids in Iraq - part of a US-led campaign against IS.

steadyaku47 comment:
How easy it is for these people to behead another human being....and how easy it is for the coalition of the willing - as always led by the United States of America and its Arab allies -  to unleash their fighter jets, bombers, drones and Tomahawk missiles fired from US warships on IS and Al-Qaeda targets killing dozens upon dozens of militants.
What if the people being beheaded by Jihadists were their own loved ones? Their own father, mother, wives and children? Or why not they offer themselves to be beheaded as a sacrifice to the cause that they so much believe in? 
And what if the bombs and missiles were being unleash on Washington or the capitals of the Arab allies of the US of A?   
Instead these Jihadists behead innocent people! Yesterday they beheaded a 55-year old Frenchman who they kidnapped only last Sunday as he was hiking in a national park that has become a sanctuary for Islamists.
Jihadists behead French hostage in Algeria

And the Americans and the coalition of the willing Arab allies bomb targets that their naked eye cannot see but their bombs and missiles can reach.
And the Jihadists and the US and their allies will continue with these killings without respite until enough people have been beheaded and enough Jihadists have been blown up for the world to finally heave a collective sigh and tell them to stop!
Until then we can expect to see more beheading and more bombings....for after all the Jihadists are beheading people they do not know and the Americans and their allies are bombing people they have never seen or met.

How cheap people's lives become when politics and religion becomes the only consideration of note! 

This is the story throughout history and this is the story that will continue to haunt us all, now and in the future, because all these people who are getting killed and being killed are people so far removed from us that when you read of another beheading or of another Jihadists being blown to does not even stop you from asking your wife to "please pass the sugar" at your breakfast table....and as you are stirring that sugar into your cup of coffee or tea, you click your PC to another page to read about the Apple iPhone roll out being marred by 'bendgate' ...and you thank your lucky stars that you did not, in haste, went out to get one for yourself.....the beheading and the bombings already a distant memory left in the dark recess of your mind!

Such is life!


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