Tuesday 2 September 2014


If, for just this once, Anwar Ibrahim step back from confrontation and try to understand the consequences of what he is doing not only for his wife but also to himself, to PKR, PR, the people of Selangor and to the electorates in Selangor specifically and Malaysia in general.

If, for just this once, he could swallow his pride and accept that there is another way to resolve the Selangor MB issue.

If, for just this once, he accepts that given the present stand off, he will, at the very end, lose more than he can gain politically and on a personal level.

If, for just this once, he will act responsibly and transparently as leader of PR and PKR and put the well being of PKR and PR before his own personal vested interest.

If, for just this once, he accepts the inevitable - that he will soon be incarcerated for sodomy -  and start the process of ensuring that Selangor, PKR and PR are ready for his absence and subsequently make the necessary arrangements within PKR and PR to ensure that to the best of his abilities none of these political organization will be adversely affected by his departure.

If, for just this once, Anwar Ibrahim can understand and accept that what he has done is more than any other man have done to change the political landscape of Malaysia and that Malaysians are grateful for what he has done - but that it is now time to pass the baton to others to take up the challenge of facing BN.

If Anwar Ibrahim can do all this then maybe the people of Malaysia will rally once again behind PKR and PR and make themselves ready for the next general election that is to come to ensure that there will be change for the better when the time comes to elect the next Federal Government of Malaysia. 

If he does not, just this once do all this, then everything that he says he, PKR and PR has been doing for the past decades or so, will be for nothing.

BN has already seized on the initiative since the last election to turn virtual defeat at the last general election into a positive force to resurrect itself. 

All that talk by PR about massive frauds by BN during the last general election and an electoral system that was flawed from the very beginning has been proven to be nothing more than "just talk" by BN because PR was unable to prove otherwise through the legal process. 

Umno has already begun the process of consolidating its hold on the Malay urban and rural population by accentuating the negatives within Anwar's leadership of PR and PKR and eliminating any positives that has been built by PR from the 12th general elections - and Selangor is a classic rallying point for Umno to do this.

As BN goes from strength to strength building on ground roots support from a population that has been disappointed by the inability of a PR that has not been able to build on the massive mandate given to it at the last 12th GE, all PR can and has been able to do is to dig itself into a quandary by the infighting amongst its coalition partners over issues that they say should unite rather than divide them - religion, race and leadership issues. By its poor performance at the last general election, PKR and Anwar Ibrahim cannot continue to take their role as leader within the PK coalition with authority....and yet Anwar Ibrahim seems oblivious of this reality.

What is painful to observe is the political battles within PR that are being fought in the public domain - a fact that leaders within PR seems to ignore with impunity and instead continue their destructive attempts at "consensus" on matters and issues that vexes the coalition to the point of causing the public to question their ability to govern from Putrajaya should they ever be given the opportunity to do so And more worrying is the inability of PR to rein in the waywardness of PKR in transgressing almost all the positives that PR has pride itself on having - transparency, accountability and responsibility in the management of its affairs - within and without the party.

While there is dissent within BN - as is obvious from Mahathir withdrawing his support for Najib - dissent if any, is aimed at improving BN from within.

Within PR dissent is for the vested interest of each coalition partner and its leaders in the way they are leading their own party - what more PR! PAS has pushed its religious agenda without much thought for what it will do to others within the PR coalition. Dissent within DAP is for the draconian manner by which Lim Kit Siang runs "his" party. And within PKR everything is done for Anwar, by Anwar and for Anwar. 

For what it is worth, Kit Siang has thrown his lot with Anwar - not because it is the right thing to do but because he knows that the PR coalition will sink or swim on the ability of PR to achieve "consensus" in the things it does in the name of being the alternative to BN. The situation in Selangor is one such issue. No matter who Anwar wants to be MB in Selangor, Kit Siang will support even if it means going against the state interest because to not do so is to go against the "consensus" required wihtin the PR coalition - even if it means it is against the interest of Selangor and against the wishes of the people of Selangor and it's Sultan - the very same Sultan who would have the final say in accepting any MB for Selangor.  

PAS has no qualms about doing what they think is the right thing to do - and in the case of Selangor, they have agreed to disagree with DAP and PKR.

Most of us we have already made up our minds as to what is right thing and what is the wrong thing to do for Selangor....but we also know that when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. 

But over time grass will grow back again. For the two elephants that fights only one will win. 

We wait the outcome of this "Selangor" fight between Anwar and the Sultan with a resignation born of the knowledge that what PR have achieved since its inception has all been thrown into the rubbish bin simply because of the inability of one man, Anwar Ibrahim, to understand that even when you are at the edge of a can alway step back. Not Anwar...he will wait to be pushed or do the jump himself!         

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