Saturday 6 September 2014

Its no shame, bro Safwan, to be seditious when we speak the truth!

Its just past 7.51 AM in Melbourne - that's about 4.51AM in KL....(forgive me but to me but when I say KL I mean Malaysia.....don't tell me it is not right that is just me!). 

I have stopped having Nescafe as my beverage of choice for a 'pick me up' in the morning because my son tells me that green tea is more healthy. At my age 'healthy' is a good word and what can make me healthy I will partake...after all my body is my temple and nothing but goodness should enter it! But I digress....

As I was is early morning here in Melbourne and as is my habit I powered on my IMac and went into the Internet...stopping at brother Haris (I am always unsure whether there is one "r: or two "r" in Haris...silly me ...old age is catching up) "The People's Parliament" site. As usual his work pace/rate leaves me breathless with envy. What drives this guy? Where does his passion comes from? But he does good carry on brother! Again I digress...

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by myself...I clicked on to brother Haris's "The People's Parliament" and was struck by what Haris wrote about Safwan:  

"Its no shame, bro Safwan, to be seditious when we speak the truth!"

Of course Haris is right! 

I understand the desperateness of Najib Razak in trying to hold on to some semblance of power and control over  the nation and people that he is leader of when it would seem that his position as Prime Minister is being usurp not only from without but also from within his own ranks in Umno. 

I understand that even from within the safe heaven of Seri Perdana Najib can already hear and feel the rumblings of discontent and insubordination from those on whom he has depended upon to prop up his increasingly fragile hold over Umno and BN.

And I understand that in Umno when change is imminent and there is knocking at the very gates of power and wealth residing in the office of the President of Umno menrangkap Perdana Menteri Malaysia......the Perdana Menteri himself will be the last to know. 

So as always, uneasy is the head on which the Umno crown sits!

In these situation, those who are blind and deaf to what is happening around them (as Najib is!), thinks that protection is best afforded by either being generous to the local populace (by giving them cash hand outs, increase subsidies and promises of 44 virgins and more!) or by imposing upon the local populace draconian measure to cower them into abject submission and fear (Ops Lallang, liberal dosage of the ISA and rounding up the usual suspect for sedition).

For Najib Razak that fear is now on overdrive....paranoia reigns because now it seems that even the Old Man is after him. An Old Man who has no official standing in Government or within Umno except to draw on the reverence and fear  that he can still inflict upon those he consider his inferior (that is everybody else!). 

An Old Man who has yet to fail when he sets his mind and considerable clout to hantam someone who he considers is not good for Umno, not good for Islam, not good for the Malays and maybe...just maybe...not good for Malaysia. But all things considered...any body the Old Man considers is not good for the Old Man is reason enough!  

Unfortunately for Najib, he is that someone. 

I do not care a rats arse for the predicament that Najib Razak is now in. 

For all I care the AG can go open the Altanatuya case and take Najib in for being an accessory before (or after) the fact. Take Najib in for gross negligence and grand theft of our nations resources...anything they want...I do not care.

What I care about is the human cost this bloody BN government is imposing upon so many of our people and their loved ones through the misuse of "the Sedition Act to protect the government and its interests, clamp down on the opposition and dissidents, make certain issues off limits, stifle civil liberties and create a climate of fear reminiscent of the worst days under the iron-fisted Mahathir regime,” Eric Paulsen, executive director, Lawyer for Liberty

You see Najib, for each individual arrested and charged for sedition the human cost to wives, husband, children, mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters, families and friends affected are too horrendous and grievous to contemplate. Not only the burden of financial insecurities when the one who pays for the food you put on the table everyday is no longer around but more wrenching is the taking away of your loved ones from your embrace. 

Please Malaysia wake up to this terrible injustice that is now being perpetrated upon our brothers and sisters. No more of this terror impose upon our people by the needless political repression of those whose public duty is to speak up on matters of public interests...OUR INTERESTS! 

If this BN government persists and insists upon using this climate of fear to intimidate and threaten our people so that they will be quiet. then I suggest that our people now think what they can do to make this BN government understand that this is an intolerable burden for us to shoulder. 

My Friends go carry a big stick or hide a stone in the palm of your hand......gather in large numbers in public places and make your feelings known to this BN government.  Demonstrate your abhorrence and contempt for these attempts by this BN government to silence those of us who courageously speak up against terror and repression of our people. 

And if this BN government insists and persists in their repression and acts of terror upon our brothers and sisters...then use that big stick that you carry and the stones hidden in the palm of your hand to make this BN government understand that you will not be cowered anymore. I am one. With you I am two. Who else will join us?       

As brother Haris said : "Its no shame, bro Safwan, to be seditious when we speak the truth!"
It is also our right to do what we need to do to ensure that the truth, our truth, will prevail. 

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