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Aku Melayu. Engkau Siapa Hussein? Reprise.

First Posted on Saturday, March 10, 2012

Steadyaku47 comment:
I am posting "Aku Melayu. Engkau siapa Hussein?" in the interest of giving voice to the writer of the article to put forward his/her point of view. Read, think and make up your own mind as to the validity and relevance of his/her views. Make your comments if you must but do so with the understanding that we are all entitled to our point of view no matter how bigoted, stupid, ignorant or skewered they may be! Such is life. 

Aku Melayu. Engkau Siapa Hussein? 
Ssein aku fikir engkau mesti fikir apa yang engkau tulis di blog steadyaku47. Engkau ni Melayu! Bapak Melayu! Emak Melayu! Tapi engkau kahwin Mat Salleh! And now you are consider yourself to be an enlighten Malay? Where does it say that just because you marry a foreigner you now have the right to discount the fact that you are Malay? Engkau siapa sein?

Do you realize that we Malays are now losing our country? Tanah air kita sendiri sekarang penuh dengal kafir dan bangsa2 lain. From where do these people come from? They were brought in by the Mat Salleh from India and China to serve the purpose of the British Empire - our colonial masters. Not for the purpose of our Tanah Air or the Malays but to serve the purpose of the British in exploiting our tin and our rubber. And now that the British are long gone and these resources are now depleted, why do we need them to be around anymore? 

If you tell me that the Chinese and the Indians have significantly contributed to the development of our country into what it is today then tell me, what have we become today? Apa dah jadi kepada negri kita sekarang????

Penuh dengan geraja dan kuil. We have corruption, racial and religious conflicts that gets more intense by the day. And do not tell me that this is all because of UMNO and their ways. We are all complicit in allowing this to happen. More so the Chinese with their greed for money and material rewards. Compared to the Chinese we Malays are novices tapi kita Melayu memang Pak Turut! 

These non-Malays infidels have been paid well for the work they do and have profited from their time in Malaysia at the expense of the Malays who are now reduced to trying to earn a living secara halal and finding a roof over their head in our own country! Sedihnya aku! And how will it all end? 

It will end like it did in 1969 when the Malays had enough of the Chinese parading around town claiming to have taught the Malays a lesson just because they won some seats in the general elections. They did not teach us a lesson. The Malays taught everyone else a lesson. And this is the change we Malays want in this 13th general election!

You as a Malay shame and anger us by your insistence that our Tanah Air now belongs to everybody that calls it home. Yet you complain when UMNO gives the Pendatangs citizenship? These Pendatangs too want to call Malaysia home? Ssein do not practice double standards. At least these pendatangs are Muslims.

You do this all the time. You are against Ketuanan Melayu and yet you are silent at those Chinese who have been discriminating against the Malays in business and work situation from the time they first came into our country.

You tell us that you were in business before. Were you able to get any help from the Chinese in business without having to pay the Chinese off by sharing your profits with them? Do you not know that the price they quote for Malays are higher then what they quote for their own race? 

Why are there no Malays in the hardware business? In the spare parts business? And if there were they are surely at the mercy of the Chinese suppliers. It is only because of UMNO that we have Malays now selling fish, Malays with grocery shops and Malays selling rice, petrol, cars and now everything the Chinese sell, the Malays too can now sell. The Banks, the Insurance Companies..sekarang semua di tangan orang Melayu!  Aku tak peduli orang Melayu UMNO atau bukan UMNO yang mustahak orang ini orang kita! Kita terhutang budi kepada UMNO!  

It is only because of Ketuanan Melayu and the privileges UMNO has reserved for the Bumiputra that we Malays are able to survive in our own country and we are able to buy decent houses and have our children educated.

Ssein how would you feel if some one comes into your home and take over your family and leave nothing for you and then starts to turn your own family against you? This is what the Chinese have done to the Malays. Without asking for our permission the British have allowed these people to come into our country. Now not only are they in our country but they want to take away from us all that we hold dear in our way of life and now even our political control over our own country. They are now turning the Malays against the Malays! You are a good example of one! Jangan percaya sangat dengan cara2 DAP dan janji janji mereka! Wahai saudara saudara yang memelih DAP untuk meneruskan perjuangan politics anda - fikir betul2. Adakah DAP memperjuangkan kepentingan orang Cina atau orang Melayu? Tepuk dada tanya diri sendiri! 

We cannot allow this to happen. We must not allow this to happen. And as a Malay you cannot sit idly by and let it happen. When you write in your blog that this is the way things should be, then as a Malay get angry.

Ssein engkau dah lupaka engkau ni Melayu. There are still many Malays in the kampongs and even in the urban area who are still living in poverty. Are you prepared to leave them in poverty if UMNO is no longer in power? Who will take care of the rural Malays and the Malays who have been deprived of many opportunities because they have been discriminated against by the other races when they want to try to earn a decent living?

You must realise Hussein that it is not only the non-Malays who face discrimination in this country. Look around you and try and see if there are as many well off Malays as there are well off non-Malays? If it was not for UMNO we will all still be in the kampongs planting rice, tapping rubber trees and tending oil palms. You must realize that it is only because of UMNO that we Malays are now Bankers, Professionals and have businesses that rivals if not better, the non-Malays. If it was not because of UMNO you would not have been able to go overseas to study and marry - only now to come back to bite the hand that once fed you! You ungrateful Malay!

Insaf Husssein! Our battle is not with each other - it is against those people that have taken over our country, our language, and our life and now threaten to do the same with our country. Only UMNO stands in their way and that is why we must support UMNO. Without UMNO the Malays will no longer have a place in our own country. Without UMNO you will certainly not have a country to come back to - that is if you want to come back to your own country.

I am not a racist. I am not anti non-Malays. Neither am I a supporter of UMNO or any political party. But I am Malay first and last. Hussein I suggest you think again about what you are doing to the Malays that still call Malaysia their Tanah Air by what you write in your blog. We have nowhere to go but here. We have no other language to call our own but Bahasa. 

For those of you that can and want to live elsewhere then do so - but leave the Malays to live in peace in their own Tanah Air. We Malays do not go to live in India or China  - and even if we do we are aware that it is not our country and will behave accordingly. Why can't the Chinese and Indians understand that we Malays feel the same way about their position here in our country?

So please Saudara  - firkir! This is my country. I live and die in this country and if anyone tells me otherwise then I will defend my right to have this country mine against anyone that tells me otherwise. You as a Malay can always come back to live here because this is also your Tanah Air - but first there must be a place for you to come back to. Insaf  saudara - insaf!

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