Wednesday 10 September 2014

DAP & Guan Eng grovels!

grovel (ˈɡrɒvəl)
vb (intr) , -els-elling or -elled-els-eling or -eled
1. to humble or abase oneself, as in making apologies or showing respect
2. to lie or crawl face downwards, as in fear or humility
3. (often foll by in) to indulge or take pleasure (in sensuality or vice)
[C16: back formation from obsolete groveling (adv), from Middle English on grufe on the face, of Scandinavian origin; compareOld Norse ā grūfu, from grūfa prone position; see -ling²]

“On behalf of DAP, I seek the forgiveness of the Sultan of Selangor for disappointing him with DAP’s decision to submit the name of Kajang Adun Dr.Wan Azizah as candidate for the post of Selangor Menteri Besar.” Lim Guan Eng.

Why is it that when I can see that eventually DAP will have to crawl on their knees and seek the forgiveness of  the Sultan of Selangor ...why can't DAP? 

Was Kit Siang and Guan Eng trying to do a "Mahathir"....hantam the Sultan and get away with it? They must not forget that the final catalyst of Mahathir's move against the Royals was    the cruelty that the Sultan of Johor inflicted on our people - not only hitting people with hockey sticks and golf clubs...but doing all this over an extended period of time and killing some of them in the process! 

What has this Sultan of Selangor done with regards to the Selangor situation? 

Tuanku has stepped in so as to NOT allow Anwar Ibrahim/PKR to do what they have done within PKR to Selangor! He did not have to do that...he could have just kept quiet and do sweetheart deals with Anwar and PKR once they got their hands on that RM$3 billion reserves...but not this Sultan. 

You can say that the Sultan is doing it on instructions of Umno,

You can say that he does not want Azizah as MB.

You can even accuse him of being ignorant of the protocol involve in the choosing of an MB.

Say what you like ...but the way I see it Tuanku felt duty bound to protect the interest of the people of Selangor and he was prepared to put himself in the firing line and make a stand : What he is effectively saying is that Anwar Ibrahim can do what he likes in PKR and get away with it ...but Selangor is not PKR. Kapish?  

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