Monday 1 September 2014

cakap cakap....Noble struggle and unparlleled sacrifices of the Malay Rulers for Independence.....woi Najib steadyalh!

Beloved Malaysians,
1. Alhamdulillah, praise and thanks be to Allah (God), with His permission once again, wherever we may be in this country, we continue to be protected in peace, to celebrate the anniversary of our independence.
2. Unlike in previous years, when the message was recorded and broadcast over the television, tonight I have chosen to speak live to hundreds of people present on the eve of independence, to express the spirit of patriotism and the burning desire of the nation's struggle, from eye to eye, from heart to heart, especially for all of you who are here representing the people of Malaysia.
3. The reality is that every independence begins with a noble struggle and unparalleled sacrifice, especially by the Malay Rulers and palace, political leaders and the people.

Above is part of 'Amanat Merdeka" speech given by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak as part of Independence Day Celebration at Merdeka Square.

steadyaku47 comment

"The reality is that every independence begins with a noble struggle and unparalleled sacrifice, especially by the Malay Rulers and palace, political leaders and the people"

Woi Najib...what bloody nobel struggle and unparalleled sacrifices are you talking about that the Malay Rulers and palaces partake in? 

For the term of my natural life...67 years...I have yet to come across one Malay Ruler who has done anything to contribute to the national independence of Malaysia. 

Tunku Abdul Rahman our first Prime Minister is Royalty but he is NOT a Malay Ruler. 

From the time I was able to think and understood what was going on around me this is what I remember of the "struggle" of these Malay Rulers. 

Most of their struggles were of the matrimonial ones (the horizontal mambo!).......marry, divorce, mistress, girlfriends ...hell I even remember one Sultan marrying the wife of another after the first Sultan divorced her....but her second marriage to the second Sultan did not last long...he just wanted to "road test" the ex wife of the other Sultan.   

Most of these Malay Rulers took the "thou can marry four" wives literally and merrily went about acquiring the maximum allowable....though let it not be said that any of them married more that four! It was four at any one the ladies played musical chairs from time to time so that these Malay Rulers will not exceed the quota allowable. 

I remember the antics of these Sultans well. 

Selling State titles for cash. Demanding licences and contracts from anyone they can. Business favors form the Chinese businessmen, asking for timber concession from the state government and then taking an upfront payment and "selling" the timber concessions to the highest bidder. 

One bought a huge yacht and then had it maintained and looked after by the Navy. 

Another had the premier porn collection in the whole of Malaysia. 

One not satisfied with having 30 duty free luxury cars tried to sneak out a Lamborghini Diablo from under the Custom's nose on the pretext of test driving it!

Hospital wards are kept exclusively for their use and remain empty  when they are not being used by these Malay Rulers.

We are familiar with the unIslamic behavior or these Malay Rulers who are the Head and Guardian of Islam in their state....fornicating outside marriage and drinking hard liquor  were common occurrence. 

We know there is at least a couple of murderers amongst them who have never been brought to justice and of course slapping, kicking and beating people senseless was considered a sport by some of these Malay Rulers.

But of course Umno does need them every now and then - Perak in the past and now Selangor are the times when Umno will crack their whip and call for these Sultans to do what is best for Umno and damm the Opposition.

I can go on and on and on...but really Najib have some class lah. 

We know too well that you are highlighting the "contribution" of these Malay Rulers to our national Independence on Merdeka day because you want to tell PKR "don't play play" with the Sultan of Selangor! 

Najib I think the Selangor Sultan is capable of holding his own against Anwar Ibrahim ...and for the most part all good, decent and right thinking Selangorians and Malaysian too knows what is going on in Selangor. So let it be. 

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