Thursday 18 January 2018

cakap cakap...pagi Khamis

Breakfast this toast, butter and cheese....breakfast to sustain me as I write....LAWAN MESTI LAWAN

My dear dear friends...I can no longer read every comments that you sent me on Facebook...see every likes that you click on Facebook. .....and I say this not with arrogance or smug indifference to what you guys send me. I simply not have the time to write as I do now if I read every comments that you send me....but this is my promise. I will still try to do so and please do share your thoughts with all of our friends...if I do not read them, they will. If I do not answer what you ask me...they will. We are all family!
I have just read again what I wrote this morning and posted "Umno and BN beyond redemption, beyond saving" ...and I know that today will be an easy day of writing for me for the rage within me is smouldering at what Mr and Mrs Idiot have done to us, to our country and to our future.

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