Wednesday 17 January 2018

TRUST ME I AM YOUR PRIME MINISTER : Felda Confirms Regaining Ownership Of Jalan Semarak Land

Datuk Marina Hashim, director of Synergy Promenade - the company that return back to Felda the 16 lots of Felda land. 

Apabila Anak Memuja Kecantikan & Personaliti Ibu Tersayang. Rahsia Dato’ Marina Kekal Cantik Meniti Usia 40an!

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From the day it was first blurted out we all knew it was just a play - no one will be hauled up let alone charged. 
All is well !

Pulang hak milik tanah Felda bukan sandiwara, kata Shahrir

Mohamad Fadli | January 16, 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: Pengerusi Felda Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad menegaskan pemulangan hak milik tanah bernilai RM1 bilion di Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur oleh syarikat swasta terlibat bukan sandiwara pilihan raya.

Beliau berkata pihaknya sejak awal lagi mengambil langkah-langkah yang perlu bagi melindungi dan mengambil semula harta Felda itu.

“Sejak dapati tanah milik Felda dipindah kepada pemaju, kita telah usaha letakkan kaveat bagi melindungi tanah Felda. Kita telah lakukan pelbagai usaha termasuk berbincang dengan lembaga pengarah Felda, kemuka cadangan kepada perdana menteri, berjumpa peguam negara dan membuat laporan polis.”

  1. steadyaku47 comment :  

    Felda has regain ownership of Jalan Semarak Land without incurring any cost. No outcome to the Jalan Semarak Land can be better then this! Everything is back to status quo! Kudos to this new Chairman of Felda who has done what he needed to do to protect the interest of Felda, the interest of the rural Malays beholden to Felda and the interest of our nation! And kudos to our prime minister under whose leadership this settlement was achieved without any loss to Felda.

    Well that is what Sharir and that Idiot of a prime minister would want me to write about of this latest sandiwara of Felda! 


    I have done my due diligence, made the necessary calls to K Hell and made what can only be described as an exhaustive investigation of this matter as can possibly be made by anybody this far away from K Hell...and this are my comment :


    This greedy pondan IDIOT and his Mrs Idiot, again got themselves entangled in all kinds of strife in another of their endless grab for more and more money. And when they got stuck...the AG, the IGP and all the other Riff Raffs, for a hefty share of the dedak, stand up and clears Mr and Mrs Idiot of any blame. This time around, the newly anointed dedak hungry Chairman of Felda, Sharir Samad is doing the honours!


    "Starting from April 2004, FELDA is placed under the Prime Minister Office and the minister in charge of FELDA is Y.A.B. Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia"
    Woi place that convict Isa Samad as Felda's Chairman....and you put Sharir in as the replacement...and you are the Minister in charge of Felda. Do you know what in charge means? It has the same meaning as when people say Rosmah is in charge of you! When Rosmah is in charge of you, what Rosmah do!

    You Najib Razak appointed Isa Samad as Chairman of Felda to oversee the looting and pillaging of almost anything of value within Felda's coffers. When things started to unravel for Isa Samad because he got too Najib Razak put in Sharir Samad in his place and I submit to you Najib that one of the first business Sharir had to attend to in Felda was to ensure that will be absolved of any involvement in this Felda land caper....when in fact all that happens in Felda today happens because of you! You appointed the Chairman, Felda is under the Prime Ministers Office and you are the minister in charge!

    So far all the sandiwara has proceeded smoothly accompanied with light, smokes and mirrors to ensure that all the silap mata is believable. But you know what afraid. Be very afraid. So extensive is the rot within Felda that all that has happened in Felda is unravelling. All that you have done in the other statutory bodies to satisfy your greed for dedak and more dedak is also slowly but surely unravelling....and it is all unravelling in the public domain. 

    What Malaysian are now talking in the privacy of their homes and among friends...what they are posting, sharing and forwarding to friends,and every one else on the Net, is slowly but surely making its way to what you and that Mrs Idiot and all those dedak hungry cohorts of yours most fear....INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN! 

    Soon in full colour and lurid details all that this Idiot and Mrs Idiot have done in the name of government to satisfy their greed will be out in the public domain for all to see...and it is the public that will decide on what is to be done to this greedy PM and his wife. To the MR and Mrs Idiot residing in Seri Perdana who has made it their life work to amass insane and hideous amount of cash sitting in their bank accounts in parts still unknown in various parts of the world...I can only say be very afraid! 

    So let Sharir trumpet "PM NOT INVOLVE WITH FELDA LAND TRANSFER" . Let the mainstream media, TV and radio stations controlled by Umno announce to the disbelieving Malaysian rakyat that this is the gospel truth. And we await also for the AG, PDRM and any other government functionaries to follow suit and declare this Idiot and his Mrs to be Mr and Mrs Innocent in this Felda caper.....but you and me....we know better!

    We know that once again this Idiot has been caught out in another one of his money making schemes done at the expense of Felda and by extension, at the expense of thousands of rural Malays and the Rakyat. Once again all the sordid details of their deeds is out there for public consumption...and Mr Prime Minister, I can tell you that we do not like what we see. 

    How long do you have before you fall on your own sword? The same sword that you have been using to clear the path of anybody that stands in your way of amassing the biggest pile of cash in the private account of any prime minister Malaysia has ever known?

    I don't think we have long to wait. Judging at how fast things are unravelling...I dare to suggest that your time is nigh.

    Between his "take tau" and "I am not involved"
    this Idiot is as clean as a whistle! Huh!
    All that remains is for the rakyat to vote Pakatan Harapan into office in the coming general elections....and when that is will your time in office be done. So help me God.    

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