Sunday 7 January 2018

cakap cakap...LIFE.

This morning has been most cleansing for me...the tears have flowed easily...reading about what I wrote of my mother many years ago...thinking of my father....that Wasiat Imam As-Syafi'i from a dear friend and listening to the songs from days long gone by when my wife was well and our children were still all with us....all those thoughts overwhelmed me...and I did what most of you must surely do....cry. But they were tears of happiness because at 71, all that I want for myself, have been possible. I am still with my wife of over five decades, my children are well, my two grand daughters too....I have a roof over my head and decent food on the table....I cannot ask for more. And for that I am most grateful. May all that you wish for yourself be possible.

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