Monday 29 January 2018

cakap cakap...pagi hari. Selamat Pagi Malaysia

6.15 am. Monday. I have been asked countless times if I will ever go home to K Hell Bangsar my Kampong. 
Why don't you ask me if I ever want to pray at the graves of my beloved parents again? What don't you ask me if I do not yearn to meet those that I know, those that I love and those that have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember? 
It does not need to be asked, it does need to be spoken. As far as I can go away from Malaysian and for as long as I have lived outside Malaysia, always, my heart and soul stays in Malaysia. 
It is early morning now and already I think of Malaysia. Malaysia was the last conscious thought in my mind before I feel asleep last night... and today at 10 am this morning I am meeting with someone from Malaysia to talk about Malaysia, to do something for Malaysia and to see, if together, we can make a bit of a difference to the lot of our fellow Malaysians over 6000 kilometres away in K Hell. 
Then, you may I obsessed with Malaysia? 
No I am not! 
I am not obsessed about Malaysia...I care about Malaysia. I love Malaysia and so do the countless Malaysians who now, for whatever reasons, have chosen to live abroad. 
But do not worry about us for we all live in places without a corrupt prime minister in office. We are privileged to be treated as equals by the government we live under and by our new found neighbours who allow us the same rights and privileges they have. We have the same freedom to announce our own political and religious beliefs as they have. We are, in every way, their equal even if we are the pendatangs. 
When you all in Malaysia have the same rights as we Malaysians living abroad have in the country that we choose to live in...then maybe we will think a bit less of Malaysia and a bit less of what we left behind because we will know that you will all have the same opportunity that we now have to build a decent future for ourselves in the country that we now call our home. 
Then, and only then can I wake up in the morning to have my breakfast first before I think of Malaysia!
Selamat Pagi Malaysia.

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