Thursday 18 January 2018

Listen and Learn...The Idiot and Felda.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Current Time
12:43 AM EST on Thursday, January 18.....
That is the time in Melbourne. It is a bit cold and I have been in bed for the past 30 mins under blankets to keep me warm....and yet I cannot sleep. I cannot sleep because a rage is within me....a rage that started a few days ago when all the goings on about this Felda Land Scam went onto the public domain...a rage that has been smouldering for a long long time within me as I ponder over and over again, the audacity of a prime minister who has taken us to the brink. A prime minister who steals and robs, if he could, even the shirt off our backs. And this Felda Land Scam simply set off the rage again and has cause me to lie awake in bed when I want to go to sleep.
You too must have this rage within you at Najib for what he has done in the name of government....and I have dragged myself out of bed, sit in my T Shirt and Sarong at my desk.... on a chilly Melbourne evening.... sit at at my keyboard to tell you this...Keep Your Rage smouldering. Always keep your rage! 
And now I must to sleep.

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