Sunday 7 January 2018

Azmin Ali

I have never met Azmin Ali. Never know him in any capacity...and about the only time I was close to having a talk with him was when Anwar told me to get in touch with Azmin on a matter we were then discussing...and I told Anwar..."no"...I told Anwar that I will only talk with him and nobody else. But that was at a time when being the Mentri Besar of Selangor was not even a glint in his eyes. Since then much has happened for Azmin... and no matter what anybody says of him, I know that Azmin Ali has been steadfast in his loyalty to Anwar Ibrahim....even when he went for the Selangor Meteri Besar post at the same time as Azizah. 

And why do I say this? 

I say that going for the Selangor MB's post was the right thing to do for Azmin Ali because he, like many others, understood what having Azizah as MB would do for PKR and for Selangor. ...the negatives out weigh the positives. He, like many others, did what had to be done for the good of PKR, Anwar and Selangor...and so he made the political decision to go for the MB post himself. Time has proven him to be right in that decision. 

Now the word has gone out "Get Azmin Ali"...whether the word came from BN , PKR or Pakatan Harapan is moot....but the word to "Get Azmin" is definitely out - the long knives are out, the Keris has has been drawn and it would seem that Azmin's going is a done deal. 

I would suggest that anyone who thinks that Azmin Ali is ready to roll over and play dead, need their heads to be examined. He is MB of Selangor and he has survived his tenure there with grace and grit. With grace because Azmin Ali has done for the Rakyat of Selangor more then he has done for PKR and himself. With grit because he has done so by facing his detractors and those who intend to "get him" without batting an eyelid and done so, full frontal....the first line of defence in Selangor ...whether it be for PKR or Pakatan Harapan, has always been Azmin Ali himself. He fights his own battles. 

And yet the clamouring for his removal is  rising to a crescendo. Too loud to ignore and too orchestred to abate. Some one is loudly beating the drums to herald Azmin's departure from PKR and Pakatan Harapan. Why?  

I do not have an answer to this. Suffice for me to say that Azmin has risen through the ranks on his own merits..with some help of course from Anwar Ibrahim...but he has earned his place as MB of Selangor. 

Let us see how he carries himself at the national level. I have enough faith in his ability to hold his own place at any level of political - state or national....if given the opportunity.  

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