Saturday 6 January 2018

Antares...cakap cakap.

Antares Maitreya Would be so nice to fast-forward to a time when nobody remembers who the prime minister, president or pope is... because they would be nothing more than overqualified bus or train drivers, ship's captains or pilots. Of course it would be delicious to have a PM we can love & respect (Nurul Izzah has inherited her dad's charisma & more) & Rafizi Ramli is bright, upfront & inspires confidence. However, most of us haven't a clue what demonic forces lurk just beneath the surface. They are the real power behind the traditional hierarchy & every aristocratic Malay family has a secret pact with jinns, toyols & hantu raya to protect their perks. There's no limit to what lengths these lost souls will go to cling on to undeserved power. Nurul Izzah & Rafizi would be like babes in the wood if they had to deal with such dark sorcery. Even a tough fighter like Anwar has had to endure 10 years behind bars. Perhaps it takes a retired demon king like Mahathir to deal with this dense & ancient evil. His greatest service to the nation would be to take down the entire corrupt edifice before he goes, paving the way for a more innocent generation to take over.

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