Tuesday 23 January 2018

Willam Pesek : I want to have my say about what he says about my Malaysia.

January 22, 2018 7:00 am JST
William Pesek

Malaysia pays high price for political drama

Theatrical election battle between Mahathir and Najib will not resolve economic challenges
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad waves after unsuccessfully trying to visit jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in Kuala Lumpur on Jan. 10. © Reuters
Malaysians might have hoped for a young new challenger to contest the coming parliamentary election and take on the 64-year-old scandal-plagued Prime Minister Najib Razak, who has held office for eight years.
Note : First do read the above article. My piece here is basically telling the writer William Pesek, what I think of what he has written about my county, my prime minister, my leader of the opposition Tun Dr Mahathir and about something I know more of, then he does. : Malaysia. 
I hope he takes these comments in the spirit that I have given it...and that is simply not write about something you do not know much of, for when you do, there will invariably be someone like me, who will want it have his say about what you say about my country.

steadyaku47 comment :
There is nothing much that William Pesek says in the above article that we do not already know...and not only do we not already know, but for most of us, we know more then what William Pesek knows. 
If Malaysian had hoped for a young new challenger to take on that 64-year-old Idiot of a prime minister, Malaysians would have found one. The reality is that there is no one on the horizon bar Tun Dr Mahathir who can do so.  Nothing gives more creedence to this reality then the fact that at 92, Tun Dr Mahathir is the only choice of Pakatan Harapan to lead them. There is consensus among all the component party within Pakatan Harapan that Tun Dr Mahathir would garner the popular vote from Malaysian at PRU 14.  In politics, if you do not have the cannot win.  So Tun Dr Mahatrhir is not an "instead challenger" to that Idiot in Seri Perdana. He is the only credible choice to challenge that Idiot.
William Pesek tells us that "neither the contest, nor the result, is likely to reverse the once-promising economy's steady slip-slide off the world's centre stage'. I disagree. The state of our nation today is a direct correlation as to whom we have as prime minister. This is a fact of politics in Malaysia. Since Tun Razak days, the policies of the government was decided by the Umno led Barisan Nasional. And whomsoever leads Umno can make or break the state of our nation's economy. And by any criteria Pesek may choose to use, the Idiot has done more to increase the slip slide of the Malaysian economy off the world's centre stage then Mahathir has done. If we have the right prime minister, the slip slide will my dear Pesek, the choice of prime minister has a lot to do with stopping the slip slide of the Malaysian economy off the world's centre stage. 
This is no political theatre that you see before you Pesek. This is how we do politics in Malaysia. Not politics as you might know it in your country. Not politics as you might know it in the USA, Australia or the UK. It is not even politics that me and many millions of Malaysian want our politic to be. This is politics as we know it now in Malaysia. And yes I agree with you that the price Malaysia and Malaysian pay for this political process is fact it is downright insane. No sane, rational logical Malaysians will tell you that we want to pay that high price. But me and the other Malaysian do not have say in as far as this PRU 14 is concerned. Go talk to that Mr and Mrs Idiot in Seri Perdana and ask them why that Idiot has to spend billions to  stay in office. 
But let me do the answering for him. 
When all you have within your self are deep pockets to pay people to elect you to political office...then of course the price is too high for our nation to bear as the billions that the Idiot is spending comes not from his own pocket but ours. So Pesek we KNOW what price we are paying...and that price that we pay you can see it being rolled out from the spoils of 1MDB and other similar scams involving our statutory bodies and our national coffers that this Idiot of a prime minister has been using to fund his personal and political agendas. 
But you did  come out with an observation I can agree with. You wrote that "Mahathir could be the only politician with the clout and tenacity to oust Najib". That is the reason why we choose a 92 year old Tun to do battle with that Idiot.
And again when you said "Malaysia must reduce the stifling role of government, shift toward high-value-added production, increase innovation and halt a brain drain caused by Chinese and Indian talent fleeing to Singapore and Hong Kong" I can only say this....yes Pesek, that too we already know. 
Once we have install a prime minister of OUR choice...any other needed change s in policy priorities, fresh thinking and whatever is needed to ensure our economic future will be something we and future generations of Malaysian can look forward to, then we the people who elected these leaders., will do the necessary to keep these bastards honest! 
Now Pesek, if you are  able to tell us, with some degree of certainity, as to whom, between Mahathir and that Idiot, will emerge victorious in PRU 14 .....that could be of interest to us Malaysians and probably give you licence to write another piece about my country, Malaysia in the not too distant future. 
I rest my case. 

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