Friday 12 January 2018


As Pakatan Harapan embarked on its momentous journey of taking Malaysia away from the follies of UMNO to a future of hope and glory we are with them.
There will be some of you out on the front lines. Our storm troopers…You have taken it upon yourself to face whatever BN will throw at you. Some of you will relish this opportunity to lead in these final months before victory. If you have your doubts keep it within you. If you have your fears those standing alongside you will share it with you. Your courage will be needed for the final push against BN, against UMNO. You will have our prayers and carry with you our hopes and aspirations.
There will be some of you in the trenches. Waiting for your time to advance and secure our positions. While waiting you will not be still. There is work to do. Mustering the masses. Holding the line against any encroachment from BN. Holding the line against all that BN can throw at us and most crucial - to give support to those in the frontlines….and if needed, to take the place of the fallen ones when needed.
The others will be needed to move the masses in numbers large enough to make that final difference. This will not be easy to do. It is the rural Malays that can make a difference. It will be difficult to change their misplaced loyalties to UMNO. A loyalty bought with many billions of ringgits in aid and cash outlay. A loyalty bonded by race and religion. A loyalty gained by lies and deceptions where what matters is not the interest of the rural Malays but in the getting of their votes for UMNO. We will need wisdom and patience to overcome this unholy alliance between UMNO and the rural Malays – but it will not be impossible to do because it is an alliance where one feeds of the other. Where the advantage has always been with UMNO not the rural Malays. It must be done because these Rural Malays have the votes needed for our victory in the elections.
For the others the work is almost done. It is just a matter of putting that cross beside the Pakatan Hatrapan candidate when the time comes for us to do our duty. Keep our anger for BN burning. Never let the fire burn out. If we love our country. If we love our people. If we love our way of life we must prevail. Failure is not an option to be considered.
This General Election is our time. Our election. Our chance for change. Do not let it pass. We do not want to have to explain to our children that when the time for change was upon us, we did nothing or worse we did not do enough!
Each of us will need to stand up and be counted. There will be too many of us for BN to silence. Too many of us for BN to ignore. Too many of us that will make that difference…of this I am certain…and when all is done…when we have rid ourself of BN …I will quietly go to sleep that night in my own house, my own bed and awake gloriously to a brand new day…and watch my children with much laughter and hope…for have we not done our duty to country and family?
You cannot ask more of anyone! And so now ....onwards to Putrajaya!
I am one. With you we are two. Who else will join us?

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