Tuesday 30 January 2018

What are to do? What are we to do?

Eric Yeoh I really don't like him too much - granted that we in the IT industry owe him a great deal and the cost of living under his premiership was a lot more comfortable than now - but I cannot forgive his ethno-centric policies that denied me to study medicine. For 17 years I was a Malaysian - then when I needed to apply to a University - I became a non-Bhumi. Matriculation then (1991), only open for Bhumis or in some cases - Muslims only. All the efforts and sacrifices I made - disappeared. Mind you that I had offers from the US, UK, Australia, NZ and Canada. The University of Bolton in the UK even gave me a 1.5-year full scholarship to do dentistry - alas even with that my folks couldn't afford my expenses. At last my late mom had to sell her car and some jewellery to pay for my diploma course - a 50+ year-old woman with arthritis riding a bicycle around town so that her non-Bhumi son could get a shot at tertiary education.

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I hear you Eric. Loud and clear. And if you doubt me, go to the link below and read what I personally went through under Mahathir. 

Posted on Saturday, 8 August 2009

"I AM WITH MAHATHIR" (or what you can get away with if you can say that)"

Speaking for myself...all that is water under the bridge. Lessons learnt. 

Now here is the hard part. 

No matter where you are now....UK, US or in my case matter what you are now.....Muslims or matter who you are....Malays and "dan lain lain".....what are we to do when a brother falls? We help him up. What are we to do when there is injustice and abuse of political power? We protest ...and if we can, we do what we can to right that wrong. What are we to do when the strong tramples the weak, the mighty takes from everybody else anything they can? What are to do? What are we to do?

Those are the question I wrestle with for many many weeks. These are the questions that troubled me as I talked with I, me and myself about what I should do when Tun Dr Mahathir come on to our side. Make no mistake about that...we did not join Tun Dr Mahathir ...he joined us.

What are we to do when we have been facing impossibles odds against a corrupt and all conquering Umno led BN? What are we to do when we are facing certain defeat at the hands of BN in any elections? Facing the reality of having another five years of this odious BN government governing over us all as they have of the last five...arrogant, corrupt and totally without accountability and responsibility in the things they do in the name of Government. What are we to do?

But really was a no brainer. If Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim could work with Tun Dr Mahathir....who am I to say that I cannot? I will work with the Devil and Satan if together they will do as I what I am now trying to do....take the Idiot out...and take out all others who has made it possible for that Idiot to do what he has done in the name of Government out. 

And nobody can say that Tun Dr Mahathir is the Devil and Satan all in one....can they? 

This does not mean I disrespect the pain you and your parents went through in those formative periods when you were trying to "get a shot at tertiary education"....but as I said is the hard part :

The hard part is putting country before self. 

I will give it all I have...I will give it a try because the alternative will doom our country, our people and our future almost for eternity....and I say eternity because for any one of us, a life time is already an eternity. Allowing this Idiot and the Umno led BN do another five years in government will certainly doom our country for eternity...there will be no coming back from that eternity.

And so Eric for these reasons I am able to forget my past that Tun Dr Mahathir has unwittingly been a part off. Forget but not forgotten...

And I ask you Eric, to do the same to your past. 

You have been able to persevere in life despite all that has been done to deny you an education and a future. We need people like you on our side. The side that is against that Idiot and against the Umno led BN. There will be time enough for recriminations and if possible forgiveness, after we triumph over the present toxic elements that is gutting the very core of our nation out of every good and wealth that it has.



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