Tuesday 23 January 2018

Rantings from the Lunch Crowd at Cili Biru.

These are random thoughts that has evolved from that lunch crowd...eight of us...and as I remember our lunch, the pleasant noisy conversations and read the emails sent to me from that lunch crowd.... I write.

1. They are in full support of my supporter for Tun M.

2. The real and silent threat that will come from BN is the magical existence and appearance of phantom ballot boxes with exact tallied number of registered innocent voters in polling stations and counting centres. Think Bentong and Bangsar in PRU 13. How difficult is it to hide a few boxes in a school used as a polling station and in counting centre without being discovered? So many polling many counting centres. How to man?

3.  Can Jamal Jamban and his likes be contained? They are all wounded tigers -  fearful - with "everything" at risk. "Everything" to lose". What can China do, what will China do, to protect it's billions of investments in Malaysia. What can Cina do to protect the Chinese here when that Idiot lets the "berani mati" dogs out? 

Against them, Pakatan Harapan has no line of defence? Cannot afford any line of defence. Are we to be left to the mercy of these elements who will burn and plunder on instructions of their political masters for dedak?

4. We must all beware of distracting and misleading news. Will Umno once again try to use Bangla, Nepalese and Indon voters? Not bloody likely. In PRU 13 these pendatangs were set upon by by hoards of Opposition supporters. Will they be back again in PRU 14? Once bitten twice shy, twice beaten...hmmm better go die! But keep your eyes open. They are still a real threat...they are there everywhere.

5.  These imminent threats can be broken if the truth and nothing but the truth can be disseminated. The Rakyat need to know. Spread the truth. PUBLICITY. Publicity shall and will destroy what ever smoke and mirrors being used by BN to deceive us.

6.  Voting Overseas. There are a few hundred thousand Malaysians overseas. Some of them you cannot stop from going home to vote. but many just cannot make it to a polling station....and for those who cannot...then vote overseas. 

But what if these genuine postal votes of Malaysians in Melbourne and across the globe could not even reach the airport terminals in the airports across he globe? And if they did reach the terminals what is there are already there are bags of votes "made in Bolehland" ready and on standby to take the place of their brother bags from Melbourne and others from other parts of the globe? Impossible to check every bag that comes from every nook and corner of Planet Earth. Not even Rafizi's team at Invoke would have the resources to do this! 

If our fears are true then we lose to the gang of Penipus and Penyamuns....but what if we are wrong? The votes we cast lands in K Hell. The votes are counted and accounted for and every vote counted for Pakatan Harapan will march with us to Putrajaya. 

VOTING gives a glimer of hope ....


7.  The urbanites in Wilayah, Penang and Selangor are on the side of Pakatan Harapan. This is a no brainer. Let those YB elect representing Pakatan Harapan shock and awe those in the rural areas into coming over to out side. They must sit down discuss, debate, educate and adjudicate brain storming sessions as required to bring the rural Malays from the dark side to light. From Umno to Pakatan Harapan. 

And then this text came : "Bro, advice all overseas not to vote. Its the legal way to cheat ! The votes will never see the shores of KHELL as there would already be bags of votes that tally the numbers of overseas voters from that particular state in this foreign country. And there will be hundreds of such bags ready to be delivered, akin to Pizza Hut Delivery Service". 

What are we to believe?

Believe as you wish but...Kalau nak menipu, mana ada boundary or rules? Poodah !  Only the last man still standing is all that matters ... 

Mesti move on and forward, that we must.... for Lawan tetap lawan.

More to follow:

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