Saturday 6 January 2018

cakap cakap....The IDIOT.

5.45 am. Early Saturday morning. Melbourne. 

At this time of the day nothing disturbs the tranquillity of my surroundings except for the deafening silence that surrounds me, and the sometimes rumbling of the trams as they begin to ferry the people of Melbourne to work. It is too early for my morning Nescafe. Too late to think about getting a few more hours of sleep. And so I sit myself at my desk to think.

The audacity of this IDIOT latest caper...Bank Negara is now into Real Estate...blows my mind away. The ability of this IDIOT to still find an entity under his control that can shell out RM 2 billion cash to fund this IDIOT's mad schemes for cash and yet more cash, numbs my sensibilities. 

"what is shell out: to pay money for something, especially when the cost is unexpected and not wanted"

The genius of this IDIOT wrapped sense of making Bank Negara go into the Real Estate business is simply breathtaking. I can only quote what MYR said of the whole caper :

The cruz of the buy...GOM (Government of Malaysia) PMN (Prime Minister Najib -  aka The IDIOT) needs the money to fill up depleted coffers....usage under GOM control....the rest irrelevant. (MYR)

MYR's observation is precise. Tepat. Spot on and impressive in the brevity of words used and yet expansive in describing what is now happening in our beloved country today. This IDIOT search for cash and yet more cash overcomes all other consideration.  Everything else is irrelevant to this IDIOT's need for money.

And the latest associate/willing accomplice/mangsa (strike out what you think is irrelevant) of this IDIOT's madness is Bank Negara and this man, it's Governor.

The Governor's complicity in this caper is to be measured. His duplicity to the people of Malaysia and to Bank Negara in allowing this IDIOT to follow through with this caper is to be assessed.....and more worrying for the future of Bank Negara.... will this Governor have the gumption to remain independent and dedak free as Governor even  as this IDIOT continues his relentless foray into whatever cash that Bank Negara still has, to satisfy this IDIOT's need for money. Money to pay IPIC, money to put into his personal coffers, money to fund the coming elections and money for the sake of money.

All this is in now my head. It has been so since 5 am when my sleep was disturbed. It is now 7.40 AM and it is still swirling around in my head. Can you now understand why I cannot sleep? 

But who needs sleep when I need to put these thoughts onto my blog and FB page so that we can try and get some clarity as to what other hare brained scheme this IDIOT is coming up with to get himself "cashed up" for PRU 14. 

Bank Negara is his latest cash cow. Why is it so? What has happened to make this possible?

You need a compliant Bank Governor, a compliant Deputy Bank Negara Governor, and among other things, a compliant Bank Negara Board of Governors! The golden question now is simply this : " Has this IDIOT got all that in place in Bank Negara? Is there nobody in Bank Negara who is prepared to stand up and say "This is wrong!". Was that not the reason why the long serving senior official at Bank Negara, Deputy Governor  Dr Sukudave Singh resigned...because he felt he had a moral responsibility to not allow Bank Negara and himself, be part of this IDIOT's mad dash for cash cash and more cash?
    29 Nov 2017 ... PETALING JAYA: A long-serving senior official at Bank Negara Malaysia, Dr Sukudhew (Sukhdave) Singh, in his parting shot said “leadership is a responsibility and not a ... Sukhdave's resignation comes more than a year ahead of his term as deputy governor, which is supposed to end in April 2019.

    The truth of the matter will be outed in time to come. For now, another institution we once considered a "sacred cow" ...Bank Negara...has bit the dust. There can be no greater pain for us all then the thought that this IDIOT has once again triumph in his dastardly deed of milking this beloved country of ours, dry. Maybe this pain we can endure....maybe not. Suffice to say that with every ringgit that this IDIOT manages to add to the growing pile of political spoils he has so far accumulated, his time in office draws to an end. 

    Today it is Bank Negara....tomorrow what else will this IDIOT come up with? And do not forget that Najib Razak may be an IDIOT...but he is our IDIOT!
And in closing, I share with you MYR thoughts on what is to come : "Soon all the areas where there were G quarters before, to be u are aware bro Hussein Abdul Hamid...there r pockets of better pieces around Jln Duta n the vicinity...Federal Hill gone...these areas easily RM1k per sq foot..."

Enough said.

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