Sunday 21 January 2018

cakap thoughts pagi Ahad.

What will it take for this nation of ours to come to its senses? The sum of all that our beloved Malaysia is, must surely be the Rakyat. If the Rakyat are strong, cohesive and committed to its well being, committed and to all that is good and righteous then surely our nation too  will be strong, cohesive and committed to its well beings and all that is righteous. A nation lives and dies by its people. 

This nation of ours have recovered from domination by foreign powers - be it China. the British an even the attempt by Indonesia to subjugate our sovereignty during those Konfrontasi days. Malaysia has transcend financial global meltdown, overcome racial strife that could have plunged it to the depths of Armageddon and ruination and we have done all this in a timely and positive manner. 

All this we have done and more....but I fear we will not survive PRU 14 intact. I fear we will not survive this PRU 14 with any ability left within us to face the uncertainty of a future bereft of the very elements that has hold our people together all this time...a people united in diversity.... those elements that should instill within us all the resolve to overcome what lies ahead after PRU 14 is over. 

But I fear that if PRU 14 burdens us all with another term of government by this Umno led Barisan Nasional....what will then happen to our people?

No, this is not the raving and ranting of an old man past 70 who has seen it all in a life time spent under Tunku, Razak, Hussein, Mahathir, Abdullah and now Najib. This is not the ranting and raving of an old man who has lived through all the traumas, the guts and glory of all that this nation of ours has endured in this past seven decades after Merdeka. What I write about, what I have to say and what I share with you are the sum of seven decades of uninterrupted and total Umno dominated government that I have lived under. Seven decades that has seen me evolve from being a Malay whose only alliance and loyalty was with Umno to one who will now do anything I possibly can do to ensure the ruination and political demise of that same Umno that I was once totally enamoured with.   

And all this has happened of my own free will for I have lived, loved and learned to loath Umno in less then a life time....just as Anwar, Mahyuddin and Mahathir has. Just as you and many others have. And now not only have we leaned to live, loved and loath Umno together, we now want to rid ourselves of Umno together!

These are the things now swirling in my head at 6.20 am on a Sunday in Melbourne...over 6000 kilometres from K Hell. if these are now swirling in my head so far away from my beloved Malaysia, I fear to think what is swirling in the heads of you all who are now living in Malaysia. 

How does one live under a BN government corrupt to its core and without any redeeming grace of values. How does one tolerate the incessant abuse of political power for personal profit and gain? How does one explain the greed within Mr and Mrs Idiot? 

I would think that the tipping point has already passed. Some times the thought of eliminating and dismissing that which we detest and abhor within our lives becomes so strong that we simply can no longer wait for it to happen. This is what is happening in Malaysia today. We are so near to PRU 14. We are so close to being able to do our duty in voting this corrupt Idiot and the government he leads out of office that sometime we forget that there is still much work to be done while we are waiting for PRU 14.

Start with yourself. Remind yourself that "ini kali" must not pass without victory for our cause. Then install in others the same fervour, focus and commitment. This is what I try to do for each morning that I still have before PRU 14. It is never too late nor is It too early to begin doing so. This is how I want to start my Sunday morning and this is how I have started my Sunday will you start yours? 


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