Thursday 18 January 2018

Umno and BN...beyond redemption, beyond saving.

Selamat Pagi Malaysia...I have partaken of my first sip of tea this morning...not Nescafe but tea this morning. Mango infused mandarin flavoured tea because this morning I do not need a coffee to put me in the right frame of mind to write. I know what I want to write about this morning. I want to write about the Malays. Not the Bugis, not the Jawas, not the Northern or Southern Malays....not even about the people from the East Coast or West Coast.

I do not want to talk about the Malay race, not about the Malay nation or about the fact that the Malays dominate politics in Malaysia. I want to write about what all those people I have just mentioned have become....we have all become Malays. An ethnic group that I know have got respect for others and in return beget respect from others. The Malays I know are polite to a fault. The Malays I remember have manners and grace that made them the envy of others. And that is why in all my life I have always been proud to identify myself not as a Bugis but always as a Malay.

My parents, my uncles and aunties and, dare I say it, myself and my cousins, are the product of Malay parents who instinctively knew what is important in life. When we meet our elders...we give them respect. When we talk to our elders...we defer to what they have to say, listen and learn...and when asked, only when asked,we answer. We wait for our elders to eat before we do...and they in turn, insists that we eat before they do. I do not sit if my father was standing and if I sit, never will I sit higher then him. And always when we meet our elders...we kiss their hand reverently with love and respect and even as we do, they will pull back their hands and smile as they ask how our parents were, how we are and if all is well with us. I know all this because I lived that life for as long as I can remember until my parents, all these uncles and aunties are no for a few of them who are revered by us as the last of the Mohicans. 

If you are tired of listening to what I am saying about my past life...bear with me a little more.    The life that I led as I grew up was no different to the life of many many other Malays that I know. In the kampongs and in the growing middle class of Malays in the urban areas ...respect for the leaders, being a good individual and being content with our lot was what guided us in our lives. That life is now a distant memory.

Today there are Malays who are thieves. Malays who rob, pillage and plunder everything  in front of them and more often then not, anything and everything that they can get their hands on. Anything that belongs to others. Anything to satisfy their greed. And no Malay in living memory can hold a candle to the pillaging and plundering now being done by the Alpha Malay couple now living in Seri Perdana...Mr and Mrs Idiot. These is the latest video aired on BBC London last night

It is now 10.22 am and I need to write about other things that trouble the Malays ....and Malaysians. To those that read what I write can I ask you to do this. If, by any chance you are in agreement with what I write about the Malays, Malaysians and our beloved me this favour. Copy and paste what I write onto your FB, your blog...anywhere that others too can read what I this and I will continue to do what I do now....write about the pain in my heart and in many other Malaysian hearts about what is now happening in our beloved Malaysia....the pillaging, plundering of our nation by this ...this ...Idiot and his wife with the complicity of a Barisan Nasional beyond redemption, beyond saving. Out with this Mr and Mrs Idiot, out with BN.  

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