Sunday 14 January 2018

cakap cakap...pagi Ahad.

The time now in Melbourne is 5.06 am.Sunday. My preferred time to think, write and reflect on all that matters to me. Family, life and of course politics in K Hell. 

Family and Life is good. If you remember about two weeks back, I said that my wife has learnt how to complain. Well not only has she learnt how to complain...but she is putting that skill to good use. From the time she wakes up and until she goes to sleep...and especially around mealtimes...we communicate much more then we normally do...and I am okay with that. It only means I need to focus more on what I am doing with her rather then to multi-task at giving her lunch, having my lunch, checking my mobile for messages, watching TV and writing what ever is in my head at that very moment to later post on steadyaku47 and FB. These days meal times for my wife means mealtime for my wife. No more multi tasking lest I am distracted from the task at hand. Which is one of the reason I am up at this time of the morning (5.18 am) to do what I am doing now - writing! No problems...I adjust.

Last week I had lunch with eight Melbournians Malaysians at the Blue Chili in Fitzroy. We all had a great noisy lunch where views, thoughts and opinions were exchanged - as Malaysian anywhere will do when they meet - and friends made. 

What did we talk about? All I can say is this...if Mr Idiot was at our table he would have been able to win the GE 14 hands down because what he would have heard would tell him what he should not do in government to get elected again...nudge nudge wink wink! For me, it reaffirms the commitment of Malaysians abroad to do what they can to make change happen in Malaysia. One of them, who shall remain nameless lest he becomes a threat to Malaysia's national security, will once again make the pilgrimage back to K Hell at general election time to ensure that ballot boxes are not tampered with - even it it means putting his physical self in the line of fire from you know who! The others will register to vote from Melbourne. And I am sure this scenario is being repeated anywhere Malaysians are found in any parts of the world. So be afraid Mr very afraid.

On the Facebook front....I am overwhelmed. I spend more time going through the comments you guys throw my way then I do writing! And I am okay with that! No...I am more then okay with that...I am overwhelmed at how this dialogue between you and me have been evolving. It is as if we are in an endless conversation from which I gain insight and impetus to write some more on the things that we are talking about. It is 5.41 am now and I see that I have over 40 comments waiting on Facebook for me to attend to. No pressure...only a smile my face to tell me that you guys will not let me rest. Thank you...thank you so much.


Yes there is a but....even if the Force is with me, some Rogue Storm troopers have begun to make their presence felt in my Facebook. A mischievous comment here and there and they are getting more mischievous by the day. I wonder what else they are doing to shut me up and shut me down. Some of you have already alerted me that what has happened to steadyaku47 blog will soon happen to this Facebook....all I can say to these cyber idiots is what you will. I know you all have to cari makan...but that does not mean I like what you guys do.....until that day comes...I write

I just saw this on my daughter's FB : 

Go scream my dearest daughter will do you good.

On that note I will pause to get some semblance of normality and sanity into my good self....take a shower, breakfast and then, maybe, write again some more. 





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