Monday 22 January 2018

The Malays must learn to take politics in moderation.

The Malays are divided. All that unites them, religion, language and race are powerless against that which divides them: POLITICS. Politics overcame all other sensibilities. It is one thing to use race and religion for political expedience, another to deliberately use it to cause the division of the Malays amongst themselves.

Now we see Malays bent on intimidating not the other races but other Malays. We see Malays assembled within meters of each other hurling insults and threats of bodily harm at each other in the name of Politics. We see anger and hate in their eyes as the faced other Malays  - each so sure that their cause is the right cause.

Today we see Malay youths harassing the old, the strong harassing the weak. The men insulting the women and always the politicians are there to maximize their gains from these confrontations of Malays against Malays. Nobody says anymore that this is not the way of the Malays. Nobody say anymore that there must be a better way for the Malays to settle their differences. This is where politics have taken the Malays to. It signals a shift in the way things were. The politicians are desperate. They can no longer garner support by pitting the Malays against the other races. Now they throw the Malays against each other to gather votes for themselves. 

In all this I hold Malay politicians accountable. Malay politicians who are desperate enough to use race and religion just so they will hold on to power and all that power means to them. Not to serve the people but to serve themselves. 

Political division does not require you to intimidate, harass or threaten another Malay. It does not require you to abandon friendship or families. Like all things in life, take politics in moderation and take politics for what it is – a part of life.  Leave it at the doorstep when you come home or to be with friend. Leave politics alone when others who are with you wants to converse about life, family and the weather. 

Until our politicians lift their game, leave politics where it deserves to be…in the gutter!

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