Monday 29 January 2018

Majlis Paluan Undur ARM TUDM Sg,Bes Penyerahan dan pemilikan mutlak tapak kem kepada kerajaan China. Sungguh sayu mendengar irama itu

From this airport in Sungai Besi, I left Kuala Lumpur on a BOAC flight to London in the early 1960's to begin my real journey in life. I remember the multitudes of relatives that came to bid me many that kept me occupied in saying my goodbyes to many that I did not have time to understand that I was living my parents behind in one country while I was leaving for another. My cousin was with me on that flight...he returning to London after a holiday in KL, me going to London for the first time. All this happened over half a century ago. My parents are no more and many many of those that came to farewell me on that journey are also no more. 
How many of you have had wonderful memories of this Sungai Besi Airport as I do? And the only time I had use of that airport was that one trip to London....and yet that memory lingers on. 
What about the countless Malaysians that worked there? What about the Armed Forces that counted Sungai Besi as their base...for many many years. 
All gone to the hands of foreigners ....gone to the hands of foreigners so that that Idiot and his gang of thieves, robbers and scammers could satisfy their greed for dedak! 
We will not forget Sungai Besi. We will take back Sungai Besi as we took back Carcosa from the British. When the time comes all that this Idiot has allowed to fall into foreign hands for more dedak will be taken back. Sungai Besi will be the first. Sungai Besi will have to be the first because this is NOT commercial land. This is NOT agricultural land. This is NOT Malay land.....this is land belonging to our Armed Forces. Land they have been asked to give up without a fight...nay without even a whimper to those foreigners.
And all this they have to do because their political masters live for dedak. Woi can live by dedak...but then be prepared to die by dedak! So help me God!
And now that airport too is no more...

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