Friday 12 January 2018


What happens if there is "trouble" in Malaysia.... "trouble" in Malaysia in the lead up to GE 14.... "trouble" during GE 14 or "trouble" in Malaysia after GE 14. 

What kind of trouble?

You know the May 13 kind of "trouble".

Why should there be "trouble"?

Everyone says that the Idiot cannot afford to lose GE 14. If he loses GE 14 he, Mrs Idiot and the whole gang of thieves and robbers in Barisan Nasional sure die one. All thrown into Sungai Buolh! Ok lah maybe first remand, then trial and then all thrown into Sungai Buloh!

So that is why that Idiot has got that Jamal Jamban and his band of Pemuda all ready and waiting to create the "trouble" if there is any inkling of Umno losing in GE 14! Of course if the ballots being counted are in favour of Umno...Jamal Jamban and his gang of thugs will be kept on a leash and restrained. 

And we all know that the majority of Malaysian will not vote for Umno in GE 14.

So how?

How many of you have had that conversation with your friends...especially your non-Malay friends who are apprehensive about what is to come before, during and after GE 14 if that Idiot and Umno thinks that they are going to be kicked out of Putrajaya? I am sure many of you kan? And many of you are still having that conversation today.

Let me give you guys my two cents worth.

What happens if there is "trouble" started by u know who?

Will China keep quiet?

Will China keep quiet with all the billions they have invested in Malaysia? Think about that? This Idiot better think about this before he deploys this Jamal Jamban to do his dirty deeds for create racial unrest so that the Idiot can declare an emergency ......and he can then govern by decree. Before this Idiot starts yelling to the Malays to "TAKE BACK YOUR TANAH AIR"....before he tells PAS and the lamas and Muftis to go on a Jihad to protect Islam from the infidels. 

Before the Idiot does all that...he should ask himself this....WILL CHINA BE QUIET? 

When will CHINA lodge a formal request to the Malaysian government to ensure that its investment are protected...if not by Malaysia...then CHINA itself would be able to protect their own investment in Malaysia very well thank you very much! 

How? Watch the following video ma!

So not to worry. This IDIOT has already put the noose around his neck when he went to CHINA and invited CHINA to come and melabur in all that is needed is for someone to kick the chair from under the IDIOT and leave him swinging in the breeze should they be any "trouble" before, during or after GE 14. 

End of story.

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