Wednesday 17 January 2018

Sharir : The latest clown in K Hell.

He's not dead yet.

Sharir Samad is biggest Clown n a Liar.

How can the land, charged to the bank for financing be returned to Felda?
Any banker will tell you.
Felda is not the owner of the land.
Is been charged to the bank by the Developer ( Chinaman company)
This is not one Ringgit transaction.This is RM270 million.
I think the story is, Synergy Promenade Sdn.Bhd. got the PA sold the various plot of land to this Chinaman Developer build KL Vertical City.
After sale everybody got their Shares Developer normally go to Bank , charged the property for financing.
This is multi million Ringgit project.
No Bumi Co. can do multi million dollar project.
There are several land titles involved.
If is Fraudulent case like this, Immediately the Police n the Court will order to Stop Work.
Why Sharir says the development can go on.if the land is returned to Felda ,than the Developer is building on Illegal land.
The Developer are not Fool's.
Sharir can make UMNO Supporters Bodoh.
(author unknown)

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