Wednesday 10 January 2018

At the Edge of Madness

Yes I want Anwar Ibrahim to be free...I want corruption to stop. I want the abuse of political office, the rot within PDRM and other government functionaries to cease. I want the real murderers of Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan, Aminurasyid and the many others who have died in custody or at the hands of the authorities - I want all these injustices be righted. I want the religious mafia within Islam to be put in their proper place, their powers immediately curtailed and their prosecution and persecution of Muslims and non-Muslims to cease. I want a clean and fair election. I want to be able to go to East Malaysia as and when I please. I want the people of Malaysia to decide who they want to be their leader, who should govern and who should be punished should they do wrong. I want Judges to dispense justice, not do the bidding of their political masters...and these are, but just a few of my wants....but for now this is what we need to do

Anyone that will work with us for the change that we aspire to....anyone that will work towards the removal of a corrupt and lying PM, anyone that will give us their time and put in effort to work with us for this and more - (even if that time and effort that they put in is because what we want to do and what they want to do are, for a moment in time, the same)...then for that moment in time, we must seize their offer of help. 

Tun Mahathir has done that. Mahyuddin has done that. The time for recriminations and punishments for perceived or real wrongs and misdeeds will come....not only for Tun Mahathir but also for those among us who have also done wrong...and believe me there are a few of them even within our midst's!

For now I will trust Lim Kit Siang's judgement to stand together with Mahathir so that our aspirations for change will come sooner rather than later. For now I will even trust Mahathir's declaration that he too wants Najib to leave and for Umno to change for the better...for what else is there for me to cling to but the audacity of promises made by those who now lead us.   

There are times when we must make a choice. albeit in the moment, on what we need to do to archive what we want for ourselves, for Malaysia and for Malaysians. Ultimately, history will judge the right or wrong of your choice and of mine. I cannot wait for history to do that.

I have weigh the consequences and possible ramifications  of making a stand on the right and wrong of taking Mahathir at this word - that he too wants change...and, for now, I will not hold what he has done in the past against what he wants to do for Malaysia now and for us all, in the future. I will not forget but I will not hold it against Tun Mahathir and Mahyuddin for now

Look around you and see what is now happening to our country even as we argue about whether we want Mahathir with us in our fight to rid ourselves of this Najib and his wife. Ask yourself if we are stronger for having Mahathir on our side or are we weaker? Ask yourself if we can do with any help we can get from anybody to rid ourselves of a corrupt and arrogant government headed by Najib. And if you think we do,...then why not Mahathir? 

Have some faith in the ultimate goodness of men - however late in life that will come...and if it does not come and he no longer walks amongst us...then at least be grateful that by his deeds, Mahathir has shown remorse and tried to right a wrong that he might have had a hand in making happened some time back when he was indeed King of all that he surveyed.

Surely that alone is punishment enough for Mahathir...knowing that if he had done things in another way, then we will not have Malaysia endure a leader like Najib...a leader with no saving grace at all!

Like the alliance of Anwar, Kit Siang and Tok Guru - Pakatan Harapan has been and will always be for the foreseeable future, an alliance of convenience. So too will this alliance with Mahathir be an alliance of convenience. Live with it!

There is now the unmistakable odour of fear hanging menacingly over Najib Razak. Fear and the helplessness of knowing that his impending political demise is nigh. The sense of an ending is palpable. His waking hours are filled with dread because he no longer knows what else will be put onto the public domain that will hammer another nail into his coffin. His nights are filled with fears - not only of the unknown but also of the known for Najib knows that in the hands of others there are already hard, physical evidence to confirm his wrong doing and lies about 1MDB and the other misdeeds he has perpetrated while in office as prime minister. 

And what of Umno?  

UMNO is greed. UMNO is deceit. UMNO is dishonor. 

You Najib, you Zahid....all those in Umno....and even Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim and Mahyuddin during their time in all have brought dishonour to Umno and shame to the Malays in the manner you conduct government and in the manner you conduct yourselves. And therein lies the problems of the Malays. Our leaders lead us astray. Our leaders are not the paragons of decency, honour that the Malays pride themselves to be. What arrogance for Umno to believe that without Umno the sun will not shine? Without Umno Allah will not bestow HIS blessing upon the Muslims in Malaysia? Without Umno you and I will not have food on our plate and shelter over our head? Huh! 

We are now at the Edge of Madness : Ultimately, history will judge the right or wrong of your choice and of mine. I cannot wait for history to do that.

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