Thursday 11 January 2018

Bernard Khoo aka Zorro Unmasked

This morning I remembered Bernard Khoo...aka Zorro Unmasked. How Bernard would relish the fight we now have against this corrupt arrogant BN gomen....though he would have his say about Tun Dr Mahathir...but I think Bernard would understand that anyone on OUR side of the fence is a friend. 
It has been a while since Bernard left us ...too early to have left us Bernard....and my heart is heavy with the memories of our past times together! No I have never met Bernard but we are more then friends on the Net. We were comrades in arms...fighting a common enemy and relishing every twists and turns of that fight. 
I want Bernard to know if he is looking down at us from up there....and I want his family to know and his grandchildren - Bernard, Ryan and Patrick...and any other grandson he may have had since then... to know, that Bernard meant something to us. He is always in my thoughts every time I sit at my keyboard and bang away to put my thoughts into my blog and Facebook. Bernard is my inspiration...he is my hero and my eyes are wet in memory of him. 
Thank you Bernard for the work you have done in our fight against corruption and tyranny and thank you for being our mentor and our guide to the work we are still doing against all that is wrong in our beloved country. 
And Bernard...I still smile when I think that Dr Jim Beam and Dr Jhonny Walker were not that good as Doctors because they allowed you to leave us too soon....till we meet again Bernard....we will fight the good fight for you.

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