Friday 12 January 2018

Selamat Pagi Malaysia

I like mornings like this! Already at around 6 this morning I woke up to images, sent by MYR to our MC64 whatsapp group, of that Rock Star Welcome for our Tun...and MYR's comment "ketar lutut wei".....made me smile. Heartening images of a 92 year old legend making his mark into our history books (again!).. this time in Sarawak. Now if only Anwar Ibrahim was there by his side cup would certainly have runneth over!

It is on mornings like this....with that cup of Vanilla infused coffee to give me the extra is on morning like this that I know that the world in in sync with me. You guys in K Hell and beyond are thinking as I am thinking. 

And what are we thinking? 

How do we get this idiot of a PM and his wife, out of Seri Perdana, out of Putrajaya, out of our life! And you can be sure that when we start our day this way, by the end of the day we would have made headway towards that oft stated maxim that swirls round and round in our head....

ABUAnything But Umno! 
Do not forget...

And increasingly that "ANYTHING" is becoming more defined by the day. What happened in Sarawak last night brings more clarity to what the future will be like as the juggernaut of Mahathir, Anwar, Kit Siang, Mat Sabu, Husam and a host of like minded others start their final swing into open confrontation with a corrupt Umno and a pathetic Barisan Nasional. We do not need money to help us win. We do not need dedak to give us an edge over Umno and BN. And we will be damm if we will allow race, religion or politics to divide us. That is why, as I have said at the beginning of this posting.....I like morning like this!


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