Saturday 27 January 2018


Those of us whose work requires us to put ourselves open to public scrutiny, odium and in some rare rare instances...praise.... are prepared and accepting that others who are different from us will consider us fair game if our "work" bercanggah dengan their own "work"....and if you do not know what bercanggah means...then you are not Malaysian ma!

I cannot,... even if my life depended on it....I cannot think of anything I can say about Siti Hasmah that could even be construed to be neutral! Not negative...but neutral!! Yes you heard me right...I cannot remain neutral when it comes to this gracious lady. This Lady is what Mrs Idiot is not. Think of what Mrs Idiot is and you can be sure this Lady is not that.  One is fat the other is slim. One is obnoxious the other is gracious. One is greedy the other is the remedy to all that is lacking in the wives of the Malay leaders we now have. And one thinks herself First Lady and the other IS THE FIRST LADY in the manner she has lived her life and is still living her life today.  

How anyone one can even think of questioning her for being a threat to our national security is beyond my ability to comprehend. But take a look at the images above...there you have two officers from PDRM investigating her under Section 9 of the Peaceful Assembly Act. 

I can just see the Fat Flying Hippo having a giggle over breakfast in Seri Perdana as Mr Idiots reports to her as to what he has instructed PDRM to do to Siti Hasmah. Mrs idiot reaction? She must have said "Padan muka dia!". 

Hey Fat Bitch...they say that Karma is a Bitch. Soon...very soon...all that you and Mrs Idiot are gloating about today will come back to bite you and Mr Idiot in the behind....and when that happens I want a ringside seat to see you and Mr Idiot face all that is your dues. And that day nears by the hour!  

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