Wednesday 24 January 2018


8.02 am Wednesday morning. All is still quiet out on the streets of Fitzroy...the suburb I live for the rumblings of the Trams that are taking Melbournians to work.
I have been awake from 5 this morning. So far nothing much has moved me to write anything of any substance. I started a piece on "Corruption" late last night but such a depressing and morbid subject could not keep me awake after 1.30 am...and so I went to sleep unsure of what I will post onto steadyaku47 or my Facebook this morning...and now at 8.08 am I am still unsure. 
There is just insanity after insanity coming out from those Idiots in BN led by Mr Idiot. There are all in a race to outdo each other in the insanity that prevails within BN as the inevitability of losing government after PRU 14 begins to sink into their grubby dedak infested mind. 
They are torn between the need to spend, spend and spend to buy victory in the coming general election or grab whatever money they still can and with whatever ill gotten gains they already have....take themselves, their families and their ill gotten gains to parts unknown where they think they will be safe from retribution when PRU 14 is lost. 
It is not only Mr and Mrs Idiot that is thinking of what is to come after PRU is not only the politicians within BN who are also thinking of the same is also the whole damm dedak gobbling gang of thieves and robbers in the statutory bodies, in the government and anywhere else where individuals who have profited from the gravy train that has been the new normal since that Idiot became prime minister still lurks.....the whole lot of them are now wetting their pants and panties thinking of what would be their lot when Pakatan Harapan takes government in Putrajaya. 
The exodus will start soon...though for some, it has already started. Those with properties abroad...London, Australia, Dubai, New York and God knows where else....have already been living in two worlds....the dedak infested Malaysia and their country of choice to live the rest of their life in when push comes to shove and they become a person of interest to the authorities after PRU 14. I wish them all Good Karma.
This morning I read about another one of those inane reasons why this BN government is spending over RM 102 billion on the ECRL.. Why are they doing so? 
"Harga ikan lebih murah" 
The absurdity of it all is mind boggling....and the only reason I can think for Ahmad Shabery to make that claim is simply this : He needs to dumb down the economics of building that RM 102 billion ECRL to a level that PAS can that PAS can then convey that message to its members and the people of Kelantan and Trenggan - and they do understand "Harga Ikan Lebih Murah". I rest my case!

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