Monday 22 January 2018


Pas hopes to win with simple majority in GE14, form new government
Pas hopes to form a government of its own by winning with a simple majority in the 14th General Election or to at least win enough parliamentary seats to be part of the new government.
Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang also confirmed that Pas will contest in at least 130 seats in the upcoming election.
“(We hope to win in) more than 130 seats, or at least (win with) a simple majority.
“Pas wants to form the (Federal) government or take part in the formation for the government. (We) no longer want to be just a weak opposition (party),” he told reporters after attending the Pas Selangor Fastaqim 2.4 gathering and launching the Selangor Pas’s election machinery, here today.
Hadi was responding to a question on the number of seats that Pas will be contesting in GE14.
Hadi had said Pas only needs to win 112 seats for a simple majority in the 222-seat Parliament.
He had also said the party may introduce a government represented by technocrats and not merely politicians.
Hadi, during the press conference, however did not name any political parties that will join Pas in forming the federal government should it wins the GE14.
He also acknowledged that Pas wants to win in Selangor or at least aims to bring changes in the state.
“That is important. First, we need to guide and secondly, we need to make a difference.”
He further said Pas will contest in as many seats in Selangor and not just in the 42 state assembly seats as previously announced.
Besides that, the issue of who will become the state Menteri Besar if Pas wins, will only be discussed when the candidates from the party win their respective seats.
“(Pas will contest) in a number of seats in Selangor. The total number of seats has been decided. (Our candidate for Menteri Besar) follows who wins in the election because we do not know who will win.”
Hadi also denied talks that Pas had been in discussion with Umno to cooperate in the GE14 as alleged by some quarters.
He said those were merely rumours and that Pas will also contest in areas contested by Umno or Barisan Nasional candidates.

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