Thursday 29 October 2009

Cakap cakap...suspension bridge collapse.

Suspension bridge colllapses
Questions that need to be answered:
·      The Bridge is only three weeks old! Not yet even tested. No Certificate of Fitness? And yet already in use? Why?
·      The hanging bridge overturned as the pillars of the hanging bridge (on the school side of the bridge) was only 2 feet deep! Why?
·      The campsite was across a river (about 30 feet wide!) from the school across a fast flowing river – which even when the river subsided  - was still 4 to 6 feet deep. Why?
·      Why was a 1 Malaysia Camp/Motivation camp done during the rainy season?
·      Did the camp organizers ensured there were enough Chaperon/Trained Teachers for safety and to deal with emergency situations?

·      One of the Indian girls that died was a top scorer –a 5A’s student. An unnecessary waste of life!

·      Human negligence have exposed these children lives to the peril of nature and resulted in the loss of three of these lives. Who will be accountable?

·      If it were not for the heroic efforts of the local people in rescuing the other children and teachers  - there would have been a greater tragedy!

·      How long will the government delay investigation of this tragedy so that there will be no public accountability or responsibility to be imposed on the builders of the bridge and those responsible for this tragedy? Six months, one year…two years? 


  1. the bridge is a donation from a private company dun blame the ONE-malaysia gomen, ok ?

  2. I blame them for accepting a donation from a private company that was unsafe and as a result took the life of three innocent school children! That is why we have Puspakom - to prevent unsafe vehicles from being used on the road. That is why people must get approval from the authorities before moving into a new house to make sure that it is safe to do do.

    It is the responsibility of the authorities (the government) to make sure that the bridge is safe! The school children do not do that.

  3. Malaysians are reaping the fruit of corruption. Decades of BN rule has numbed Malaysians' conscience. Every where I see ignorant Malaysians who still think BN can do no wrong and without BN, there is no development. How low can we go? Only God can save Malaysia, I guess.

  4. Anthonymus,

    Who said it's donation, nothing's free in this world, they gave it as donation in returning whatever favours they received from the government. A private company cannot live on goodwill and charity, a gratification yes, in lieu of something.

  5. without the ONE...ONE...ONE-malaysia projects , the 'balls-carrier' kinta education pejabat would NOT have organised the ill-fated ONE-malaysia camp & 3 innocent children would NOT have lost their precious lives !!
    SIGH !

  6. The one who built the jambatan have to be held responsible. This is what cutting corners will get you. Shoddy workmanship and unworthy of usage. Way to go BN!

  7. When they first started the NS the food pukes because the contract was sub-sub-sub. Big money was spent. Who got the big cake????

    Now this camp. How much is spend on the camp? Who ACTUALLY built the bridge? Sub-Sub Contractor??? If so, you then know why the quality. The same of the Computer-Lab schools collapse a few years ago.

    Do not blame the school teacher. Question is were they given the right training and briefed on all safety aspects.

    The buck stops with the Education Ministry. No one else.

  8. If i am donated a piece of land can i rear certain breeds of livestocks on it?

  9. "That is why we have Puspakom - to prevent unsafe vehicles from being used on the road".

    Aisehman, you need not get Puspakom to inspect the vehicle lah. Approval can be be obtained without inspection lah. So many runners around that can do it for you. Just paylah.

    I am utterly disgust with the corruption in this country.

  10. We Malaysians must stop being forgiving anymore if we want to move forward.

    Corruption and abuse of power is so rampant and yet we say "tak apa" bukan duit kita. That's the mentality. What the f**k. Do they not realise that corruption and abuse of power will destroy our economy? Increase cost of living? Make a few people rich and the majority poorer?

    We have MACC,but it is not effective compared to Hong Kongs's ICAC. Two distinct diferences :

    1. MACC reports to PM. ICAC does not report to the PM. They are independent. Will MACC investigate the PM and UMNO big guns when they are appointed by them? The answer is obvious.

    2. ICAC has the power to question those who are known/suspected to be living beyond their known/declared legal income with or without reports. If your known legitimate income is RM10,000/month but with fixed monthly expenses of RM20,000 you will be asked to justify. You may tell them you have other sources of income if the income is legal. They may not be able to prove that you are on the take but they will still charge you for not declaring your other income. You will go to jail not for corruption but under the Income Tax Act.

    You see, they can go after you on the basis of your lifestyle alone. Can we do that here? Obviously many of those in the corridors of power are living way beyond their known legal income. The ex-MB of Selangor is just one of the many examples.

    I am sure many UMNO people and their cronies will end up in jail if they do.

  11. Anon 2:18:00 AM CST,

    Eventhough the bridge is a donation, it requires Authorities kelulusan and sokongan to build isn't it? JKR, SALIRAN, EDUCATION DEPT. and may be a few more!

    Are they not Government Agencies ? STUPID FOOL!

    Or is it a HARAM BRIDGE as PERAK is full of everything HARAM, MB HARAM, KERAJAAN HARAM, SPEAKER HARAM, oh oh oh my ONE-malaysia gomen!!!

  12. the organisers must be blamed to
    'wajibkan' the attendance of teachers & pupils !!

  13. 4 deaths = 3 girls & a dad !!