Monday 26 October 2009

Cakap cakap...commitment !

“The end state is CHANGE. SO IT IS NOT ANWAR, LKS AND TG Hadi so what? We, the people must do it and unless we the people love to be bullied by the liar, robber, pirate and idiot UMNO moron!!! So, I am saying it again and let us put it in our head and the mindset must change and We, the people want CHANGE”

That my friend, in a nutshell, is what all this is about! That was sent to me by one of our friends – writing in a highly agitated state – with all the capitals and exclamation marks – that in a nutshell says it all. Change because we, the people, are simply sick and tired of being taken for idiots by our Barisan Nasional government.

And that is also why I am prepared to put in one year of my time to do this blog so that in whatever way I can, I can keep reminding the people what they have to do. Now here comes the frustrating part. Engage any average Malaysia in conversation and all you have to do is mention UMNO and he or she will go off at 100 miles an hour heading towards and imaginary UMNO target and doing all they can to knock UMNO off their pedestal – if they have to corner baring – no problems – they will corner baring - no worry about speed traps nothing will stop them from their matalamat ! UMNO this and UMNO that. Ketua Bahagian this and Ketua Bahagian that. Rosmah did this, Najib did that. Mahathir Zig and Mahyuddin Zag! They will come up with stories that you cannot even find on the blogs….then when they finish their teh  tarik and roti chanai…they go home..and UMNO is no longer a problem. They have their shower, read the papers and chit chat with their better half…and pretty soon its bed time. All forgotten. Where got jalan like that?

Friends you have to keep the anger burning! You must keep the anger.

We are against an UMNO that has an unlimited amount of money and does not play to any rules. It is not enough that they are prepared to kill their own citizens but they are also prepared to kill foreigners. Blow a young lovely Mongolian lady  with explosives only available from the Army! Think about that! These are Unit Tindakan Khas guys – specially trained physically fit policemen  - two of them against a defenseless girl!

Think about that people of Malaysia! How do you think Altantuya, who was pregnant with child at that time, must have felt when she realized that she was about to be killed? Alone, in a foreign country – and all for money? Think again - why would these two UTK guys who do not even know her – were prepared to kill her? Were these UTK officers being paid to kill her? If so by whom? How much? These kinds of murders and happenings only occur in the movies.  And yet it happened here at your doorstep. And you know what?  This can be linked directly – not in a round about way – but directly to our Prime Minister – NAJIB. He even sent an sms to Razak Baginda to tell him that things will be “OK”.

And the court case is over now. We are none the wiser as to what happened – and Najib? He was not even part of the trial. This is the country we now live in. If you can sit down and nod your head and say…tsk tsk tsk…and then do nothing still – then I am sorry for you friend. You deserve another fifty years of UMNO.   

Do you know how easy it is for UMNO to create mischief amongst us? Go look at Harris Ibrahim’s latest posting “The End Days of PKR in Sabah”. Read the comments that comes after the posting. Where do you think the majority of those comments had originated? But the damage is done. The seeds of doubts have been planted in some of our minds. The numbers are not important. Just one doubt would do. They have the time. They have the army to continue those pinpricks that could eventually cause harm to anybody and more important they have the money to sustain these kinds of pin prick attacks. And if people like me and other bloggers do not do anything to counter these pinpricks then UMNO is the better for it.

I am not one for pushing myself onto to people. I prefer the solitude of my own company with my wife and children. Before steadyaku47 I even decided that I will no longer will allow myself to be judged by others for anything – no tests, no exams-just comfortable in my own self. And now here I am writing my thoughts for others to see, dissect, comment, and criticize – to do what they will with it. I dislike it but I know it has to be done because people read what I write and what I write is about the need for change in Malaysia. And so I endure what comments that comes into my blog and I ready myself for what is to come.

And it has started to come. Comments that has nothing to do with what I write, write up about me that speculates on my personal likes and dislikes, my beliefs and my purpose of doing what I do…and much as I brush all these aside – it leaves a mark in my inner self. But a good mark because it strengthens my resolve to continue with steadyaku47. It strengthens my belief that we are against a foe that will do anything to win. Thank God there is nothing that they can do to harm those people closest to me. Those that I care for. We are all out of their clutches. When I think of what those who are in the front line of the fight against UMNO – I shudder at what they have to face. Many more will be put away. Many will be taken from their family. Many will have their means of earning an income curtailed. Some will die.

I can go on with these rantings of mine – but there are other postings I need to write. You my friend will need to think long and hard about what you need to do, can do and will do to further our cause. Sitting down doing nothing is not an option. MOVE!      


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  2. He is a professional politicians with one priority - to look after himself. If you have anything else do share it with us all!

  3. You've said it well.

    Talking on the street or comments on blogs, we got to see the digital divide.

    The hardcore will continually support UMNO/BN as their lives very much dependent on it. Similarly, the strong PR supporter will be there as they have nothing to lose but to gain.

    The problem is the in between where the some elected leaders are beginning to think they are the reason of being elected and not the people who wanted change.

    Take the case of the Zulkifli and Hassan. They are doing things on their own. They have cause disruption to the momentum that's going on.

    Am I angry ? Definitely Yes but no longer at UMNO/BN but with those PR goons. Maybe they are planted or paid to act as such, I'm not privy to that. Thus, if I have my way, I like to kick their a** for such stupidity.

  4. Hussein, I am astounded at your prolixity, bro. Three, four posts over the weekend... wow... and all punchy! It's a great blessing that you relocated to Adelaide and discovered blogging. You have become a national treasure, my friend. Thank you for the magnificent work you do.

  5. What is jib doing imposing govt tax on each credit card owned by the rakyat? How many percent of people are at the 27% tax bracket that is benefiting from your 2010 budget Mr PM? If u question why people can't pay the RM50 for each credit card; then ask yourself why the govt can't pay for the each rakyat the RM50/card? Bank is giving waiver on the subscription fees, what has the govt done for the people especially those in the medium income category?

  6. HH a national treasure?

    I too say, YES, but beware UMNO will call you a Jahanam and given half a chance, even though in Adelaide, will try to fix up up.

    Always be cautious and I pray that steadyaku47 will have the strength to carry on writing.

    We need more people like you, together with RPK and many unsung heroes to bring about change.

  7. Dear Anon 11:34 PM,

    All along they been claiming to a rakyat friendly budget. Sometimes, I keep wondering to which rakyat.

    The low income that doesn't qualify for cards does not have any problem as many incentives and assistance are provided for.

    The high income, paying the maximum tax, also does not have problem as they can easily consolidate and request for higher credit limits.

    The problem lies in the middle income. They hold more than two cards. They can consolidate or pay off accordingly. They've been burden with the interest and now extra RM50.

    Well, that the present Najib is offering to those who are not on ground nor in the sky.

    This is the thing when people are looking for freebies. There's the rule, if you give, then it must come from somewhere. So here's one of the sources.

    We can always do some checking, how many credit cards that are active and multiply that by RM50. Will it come to RM billion if not with the "s" added.

    Isn't this lovely, there's no increase in sin tax but introduce new tax. Creative taxation :)

  8. Bearing in mind that the people have that power to use in every election day for change, that power is only for one day until it is returned back to the people in another 5 years for another round of change, and that too cannot guarantee change.

    In asking people to change, that duty rests not with the people but with the champions of change. Meaning if the champions do not want to change then don't expect the people to change it for them.

    It is high time that Pakatan Rakyat must change from a feuding party to a solid strong united party. If you want us to change, first change yourself. When will Pakatan learn that while they are supposed to fight the enemy, yet they have to fight their own kind, so when are they going to fight the enemy?

    All of you guys can just shout CHANGE but me and nx4get are more worried about whether Pakatan can sustain long enough as our vehicle for change.

  9. Quote--Friends you have to keep the anger burning! You must keep the anger."

    Pakatan Rakyat rode on the anger of the people creating a tsunami of sorts during GE12. Depriving BN of its 2/3 majority plus winning five states. But could the anger against BN be sustain?

    I don't think so. PR at this point in time is like a headless chicken, struggling and kicking its legs waiting for its final breath.

    The anger against BN seems to have subside, and with PKR having a clown from Kulim and the jester from PAS in Selangor harping on issues that frightens even the brave amongst some Muslims and majority of non Muslims, the anger may have turn against PR instead.

    And the icing on the cake is, top PKR leaders and also from PAS don't seem too concern and those 2 are causing more damage to PR as a whole compared to all the alleged wrongdoings of BN.

    If these are the norms, one can safely bet, come GE13, many of PR state reps and MPs could end up as former YBS.

  10. Pak,

    Me & my family support you 100%

  11. Dear HH,

    Predictably, as you continue to brush up with your diction and literary skills, putting them into print habitually on a daily basis, your blog will be at par with MT.

    And along with this phenomenal and exponential increase in the registration of hits on your blog visited by the global and planetary citizens, you will be blessed with many advertisers and well wishes who will stand by you and give you the moral and financial support.

    Kudos to you mate! And do re-consider the re-branding of the blog to Malaysia Now @ SteadyAku47.

    Keep the fire burning within you!!!. CHANGE will be the order of the day to see the final chapter of the demise of UMNO.

  12. Kulim Wonder Boy and the Selangor Skull Cap man are great assets to UMNO.

    These two are the directional arrows that point the non-malays to the little box and put an X there. Unfortunately the X is for BN.

  13. If democracy has any meaning to us, then the only meaning most precise in the vocabulary of Malaysians is as clearly stipulated by UMNO's Democracy that makes politics as "the means to live beyond our mean".

  14. pakcik

    sama sama kita berjuang kalahkan BN

    target utama UMNO