Tuesday 20 October 2009

Cakap cakap...have your say !

I have wanted to make steadyaku47 a blog site that reflects my values, my likes, my dislikes and my aspirations…mostly a reflection of what I am. How presumptuous of me! Who am I to think that what I want is that important or that relevant to others? Increasingly I began to get comments that made me start to think – like today FMZam made a comment on my “Joke Lagi ..I am Spartacus”…he said why not “I am Chin Peng” to go with what we are trying to do to raise awareness that we want Chin Peng to come home. Why not indeed!

Why did I not think of it first? Why must it be FMZam? Because we are unique – just like every one else. And unless we hear what others have to say then we will be in isolation and in denial. KB another friend said this of another friend of ours –“ Do not talk to him if you have something to tell him – because he will listen but he will not hear – write!” How true.

I have been sent comments, articles and poems that have simply been too good to not share it with our friends. And so I have posted them on steadyaku47 for all to read and enjoy. And I think I want to continue to do this.

Can I ask you to please forward me any articles, any verses, anything at all that you feel our friends will find interesting – to be posted on steadyaku47 and shared. If you have something you want to say, or just want your say on something you feel strongly about – send it to me. If you want me to write it out for you – then just scribble the facts and the points you want to put across and I will write it out for you – no charge!

Of course steadyaku47 will in essence be me on a personal level but I believe that to evolve into something more relevant I must listen and hear what others also have to say. Just remember this  - something which I always keep reminding myself too – when you put yourself out there for others to look at – be ready to get the good with the bad. Understand that not everybody will agree with you and some will be there just waiting to shoot you down. If you can take it…then come join me on steadyaku47.   


  1. Abang

    Somehow I have this feeling that there are a lot more information or happenings that your are privy to.

    Maybe the timing is just not right yet for you to penned them:)

    Golden Boy

  2. After 200 days, “Tiger” Najis finally came :-

    Press Freedom Index 2009
    No. 131 Malaysia

  3. I am Chin Peng
    I am a freedom fighter
    I fight for my country
    I fight for independence
    I fight for the people
    You are my people
    You are my freedom
    You are my country
    And you are my home
    You are why I want to live
    You are where I want to die