Thursday 15 October 2009

Cakap cakap - Chin Peng

What say you to this comment from Chin Peng? A 'Yes' or a 'No"  
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  1. Whatever happened to the posted comments before, where have they went missing Pak HH?

  2. Then you have a cause for concern for mechanical gremlin. Since when Chin Peng has not invited offensive postings and offensive comments to this government?

  3. Chin Peng is a part of our history whether we like it or not.

    He should be allowed back. It is his right. His struggle was not against the country but government.

    He is no more a threat to this country. We can all learn from his experience. His effort in fighting the Japs should be acknowledged.

    A defeated man should not be denied his rights. We can even punish him accordingly but not allowing his return to the pace of his birth is not right.

    Just my 2 sen.

  4. HH
    Agreed. Definitely something is NOT right. I saw at least 4 comments comments earlier on this morning including one from "Haris" becos I thought it was from Haris Ibrahim of People's Parliment. Now I'm quite sure that this had happened to some other posts earlier. I had noticed and thought it was due to some technical problem. Is it?

    Hard to beleive that its just happened.

    Gosh, I'm hearing Najib screaming over RTM1 afternoon News asking members to "bangkit bersamanya" at the UMNO assembly. Hehe.

  5. those 1Bastards who committed heinous crimes during May13 never have to be punished ... gross injustice!

  6. In the struggle for independence, the MCP (Malayan Communist Party or Parti Kominis Malaya-PKM) was just like other political groups of that time, where suddenly there appear a young man from Ipoh named Ong Boon Hua to lead what was originally a nationalist movement to eventually changed his name to Chin Peng and staged an armed struggle that was to last from 1948 to 1989.

    At that time when Indonesia and India had their national heroes in Soekarno and Gandhi at their prime time for independence, Malaya had only started the initiative with Onn Jaafar, Tunku, Lee Kuan Yew and Chin Peng as our pioneers for independence. They were all our pioneers, our freedom fighters, but then they all went separate ways to carve the history of this country.

    The post war British was weakened by the war and almost bankrupt to handle the surge of independence wars in other colonies that they have to set free India and the Palestine, but retained Malaya as a mean for their economic recovery because Malayan independence movement was not that "untenable" until some 12 years later.

    So we wrote our history that our struggle for independence was started by Onn Jaafar and Tunku and UMNO alienating Lee Kuan Yew and The Alliance Party as second stringer and damning the earlier political movement of some Malay groups that were infested by communism and turning Chin Peng and his PKM as enemy of the state.

    Chin Peng just happened to be inspired by the all inspiring Mao Tse Tung in his fight for Malaya independence he thought he could make it as his model movement in forcing the British for a quick independence. He almost made it, but his "good try" was dampened by Tunku and Lee Kuan Yew who gave the British ample time of good 12 years for their financial recovery before setting Malaya free.

    Had Chin Peng succeeded in wresting independence from the British, we would be freed much earlier and the history of this country would be very very much different under the communist rule.

    Now don't look at what would have happened if Chin Peng had been the President of The People's Republic Of Malaya. Had it not because of Chin Peng's armed insurgency that had caused the British to spend substantial sum of money to deal with Malayan Emergency instead of sending the money back to England, the British would have delayed our independence until their coffer in London are filled to the brim.

    Having said that, it is proper that we accord Chin Peng with a little respect as we had given it to Shamsiah fakir, Rashid maideen and Abdullah CD, so as to allow him a final respect to die with grace in his own country.

  7. Yes..yes agree.

    One of the conditions of the Hadyai Peace Treaty in 1989 is that all are allowed to return if they so desire. Looks like the govt is going against what it has promised.

    Rashid Maidin, Abdullah CD and Shahsiah Fakeh are all the Malay leaders in the 10th Regiment of the MCP. All were allowed to return. Rashid and Abdullah chose not to return. They frequently visited their relatives here though. Rashid died in Thailand. Abdullah CD is currently living in Thailand. Shamsiah passed away in Malaysia.

    All of them are Malays!

  8. The Memoirs of Rashid Maidin, Abdullah CD and Shamsiah Fakeh give a good insights to their life and struggle to free Malaya from the British.

    To those who have not read the books, pls go the bookstores and get a copy. Hear from the horses mouth and you will understand better on why they take up arms struggle. To me, they have contributed positvely to hasten the independence of Malaya from the British.

  9. When "A life is a life" and implementation of the Look East Policy, i wonder how could one justify Chin Peng not to be allowed home. The is exactly Racist, is it not?

  10. FMZ,

    A very enlightening writeup, thanks.

    As far as I know, none of family members had been crucified by CPM as lead by Chin Peng. Thus, it's a bit difficult for me to sense the resistance by our veterans or it's descendants to oppose Chin Peng returns.

    However, based upon humanitarian grounds, I feel he should be allowed to return to his birth place. He had served his country, only in different way. He kept to his word to lay down arms and the peace accord.

    Until and unless Chin Peng is allowed to return, I can only say racism is strong as we've allowed others like Shamsiah fakir, Rashid Maideen and Abdullah CD to return.

  11. Did u all read the paragraph on Uncle Ong being sore with Dr.Mahathiu s/o Kutty? This forked-tongued ex-PM invited Ong to the peace-talk, agreed to the peace accord and sined it, and then turned his backed on it to block Ong's return…

    In contrast, the ex-IGP Rahim Noor who was at the peace talk agreed to help Ong in court to get his right to return home bcoz Ong is an honest and honorable man.

    Dr.Mahathiu: Bapa Pembelot Malaysia

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