Monday 26 October 2009

Joke lagi

Before you feel life is too perfect for me in Australia  - there is discrimination here too! But I will just have to grin and bear it...more grinning then bearing lah!



  1. Sorry, is your posting okay or am having a technical problem at my end? I just got a 1-para text and no pic or image following that.

  2. Same with me, it's a blank. The past couple of days I have problem accessing Steadyaku, very crawling to get in and very struggling to get my post accepted, then same crawling when getting out of a thread I had to completely close the blog and revert back to Yahoo to restart from the beginning. Never had this kind of glitch before. But ingress to other blogs OK especially the hardcore junky....somebody tried to be funny???

  3. I was unable to get into my own blog for half a day last week - working on this problem now .

  4. Abang

    Same problem man. Sabo?

    Golden Boy