Tuesday 20 October 2009

Cakap cakap...sing along to this song and enjoy!


  1. Tq Pak HH, really enjoy the song. It reminds me 14 years ago in Joburg, South Africa where everyone will sing along and the ladies will shout "Alice, who the fuck is Alice".
    Well!!! what a life!!! TQ again for bringing back old memories, just enjoy the song ..... good luck brother.

  2. He..he..Anthony Mus,

    You can still hear people singing the song maybe even now (now is 11 pm our time) at the NPC (National Press Club, near Bank Rakyat and Bukit Aman) where most of them press people spend their leisure time drinking and singing their favourite song of the Club.

    Me joined them twice already in 2006....very fun man....

  3. the song brings me back to memory lane....thank you for posting