Friday 30 October 2009

Badrul Hisham Abdullah.

Invariably in these kind of situation three usual suspects are involved. Sex, Money and lust for Power……notice that I make that subtle use of the word ‘lust’ for power rather then sex! If you want to be difficult and ask me what about greed and deceit…well let me continue first and then we will see where we can slot in the last two – greed and deceit!

What is the done deal here? This man has resigned as PKR assemblyman for Port Kelang. He will now be an independent ‘friendly to BN’. This was done with a bit of ‘encouragement’ from TS Khalid so that this sorry excuse for an assemblyman can jump into the welcoming clutches of the TEMPE man of the RM23million Istana fame! 

And “Now that Badrul Hisham had expressed his support towards the BN, he could apply for allocation from the federal government to implement development projects in the Port Klang area” said Noh, who is Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister. Ok that took care of the Money part – what about the other two – sex and power?

With money he can buy sex – but he should be a bit more careful about where he buys it from. It would not do UMNO any good if he were caught AGAIN for khalwat at ‘that’ local hotel! Do it in KL – at least those storm troopers ala khalwat will not disturb you in the 5 star establishments – and even if they do there will give you ample time to flee. After all what courtesy they extend to the elites of UMNO and some Sultans, they should also extend to you because you are now one of them!

Now the power part is a bit dicey. This guy is assemblyman for Port Klang. Port Klang is in Selangor. Selangor is under Pakatan Rakyat and his old boss TS Khalid is the Menteri Besar – so how to give him power? I would respectfully suggest to UMNO that in lieu of power maybe some extra money might persuade him to not pursue his lust for ‘power’ too enthusiastically. After all he cannot even show his face in his constituency after a number of skirmishes with them – like not turning up for functions that his office organized, not handing over prizes promised to participants in a meet that his office organized –and making the welcoming kompang group waiting to welcome him look like fools because he did not turn up at the functions …those kind of things that the local people will not forget or allow HIM to forget!  And where else would an assemblyman want to show his power if not in his own constituency! Unless UMNO is thinking of giving him a Federal Post – but that Isa guy from NS9 will say “Over my dead body!”

And so he comes into the fold of UMNO. What does he do now? He gets to meet Najib! Hooray! He gets paraded around a bit – go to some functions where he is the guests of honour…maybe an interview on RTM 1 or TV3…and if they can fit him in – be part of a delegation to some faraway place  - then by next month he has his money stack away and all is good. He did ask for a Datoship…but that is on the KIV list for the time being. By next year they will put it on the NFA list.

As for greed and deceit…did any of you see where it could have been slotted in? I think somewhere between para two and three! Between UMNO welcoming him with open arms and him having to face his constituents again – if he has the guts for it 


  1. Who's next! That being the perky question in our mind now that Pakatan will have to live by sleeping with the enemy in our midst. Who is the next potential enemy to surface from the ranks of Pakatan's commanders?

    Sex, money and lust for power are second to those 'sloth politicians' in any party and I call Badrul a sloth politician and only a sloth will eventually be turned by sex, money, lust, greed and deceit into a traitor because those are all the easy and ready escape routes available.

    Pakatan had not just Badrul, but Osman Jailu and Jamaluddin as the examplary sloth politicians in its ranks who knows exactly how to make UMNO an insurance policy.

    They all have no shame because UMNO is that insurance company that sells policies on almost all sins we can name them, sex, money, lust, greed, deceit and murder.

  2. He may have already got the 'earnest money' as promised. That's about all. NFA by UMNO after this. Should he sue UMNO for full payment? Haha caught him there. So far none of the 'kataks' got the full amount.
    No need to resign. He wouldn't dare attend any assembly sitting anyway. This guy will join the other political has been in S'gor.

  3. his IQ is damn low ... the 3 Perak kataks made millions by making fens with BN_UMNO ... najis saves a fortune for this BN-frenly rep. not to wori 2 much as the rakyats won't see him around come nxt GE.

  4. Theres a diff.

    In Perak, the 3 MOFOs could make millions becoz with their jump, a whole state govt was brought down.

    Badrul is 'worthless' in the eyes of Barisan Najis as nothing changes even though he hops.

    He will make millions more than Perak if he can convince 6 others to jump with him.

    Theyw ill make way more millions than the Perak kataks coz Selangor is 100 times of more value to Barisan Najis than Perak.


  5. Who submitted his name to stand for the last election ? Please reveal him with details.

  6. Hello Pak,

    I so "meluat" man to look at this Katak's photo in this thread, can you please make him invisible from our eyes? Anyone who wish to see his face can click Malaysiakini for his face sitting next to that dark glass pretty damsel, OK?

  7. "be part of a delegation to some faraway place"

    Can I put it in another word...LAWATAN SAMBIL BELAJAR.

  8. FMZam...ask and it will be done! Aku pun meluat tengok muka dia!

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