Thursday 29 October 2009

Cakap Cakap...Brickfields Police Station.

Can anybody confirm or deny that the following did or did not take place:

A few hundred Indian thugs in Brickfields tried to attack the Police Station on Deepavali Eve after six of them were arrested for a public order case?


  1. Brother Staedyaku,

    Tak mungkinlar adik beradik Hindu kita menyerang Balai Polis. Kalau betul ia berlaku, beratus dah kena "tembak mati dulu baru tanya soalan" . Tapi tunggu lar ia akan berlaku......"Matter of TIME"

  2. Abag HH,
    If it's really true hundreds of Indian "thugs" did attacked the police station, i'm sure by now at least Malaysiakini would have carried the news.
    Hmmmm ... something fishy la.

    I'm curious to know kalau betul benda nih terjadi?

    -Paku Karat