Thursday 29 October 2009

Cakap cakap...suspension bridge collapse.

Another death resulting from the tragedy of the suspension bridge! The Father of one of the dead girl died…of a broken heart I suspect! And we all know that nothing will be done to go and get those responsible and put them behind bars while waiting trial. 

For the ISA detainees the Police will come in the dead of night, early morning – anytime just as long as they get their clutches on these people – but for the crime of being responsible for the death of three school girls and the Father of one of them…six months, one year…two years …never??? No we will probably never see them go to trial  - not in our life time…maybe never. 

This is the lot of the poor…these poor Indian Families will probably see some compensation come their way quite soon…possibly Sharizat will come over to hand them the cheques…or if Najib feels like a good photo opportunity bring them over to Putrajaya for a media circus event…I am sick to my stomach at the injustice of it all! God why do you test our patience with these so call leaders that we now have? Why?......three schoolchildren dead for what? A 1Malaysia Motivation Camp?  


  1. NO 1-malaysia = NO 3 deaths !!

  2. 4 deaths now ! the dad of one of the 3 deaths DIED of 'broken heart' !
    SIGH !!

  3. The Perak Education Dept should be 80% (just like Dr Death suggest in TBH case) responsible for the incident. Why?? Reason is what safety measure do they take to ensure the safety of all the children crossing the bridge over a deep running river. Do they envision the danger of any children falling into the deep running river while crossing. Do they know that most of the children at the 1Malaysia Death Camp cant swim!!! Why none of the children wear a safety float vest while crossing the river. It is not good enough to say crossing the river is safe if the bridge did'nt collapsed.