Wednesday 28 October 2009

cakap cakap...good exchange of comments!

Cina Terengganu said...

I am the 9th generation chinese in Terengganu. There are some UMNO people who are just 2nd generation in Malaysia and they shout louder than anybody.
Mohd said...
Are you prepared to speak and write in Malay in your everyday life. Answer this before we proceed
Cina Terengganu said...
Adekah mung ngata ambe dok gerti nok cakak melayu. Bukan sahaja boleh bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu bahkan saya adalah guru Bahasa Melayu di Sekolah Kebangsaan.
This is to Encik Mohd if he was refering to me. Thank you.

HusseinAbdul Hamid said...
Pok gi bahang dia! Celakak!
am@Besut said...
Cina Terengganu
Bravo! Your BM is superb!
Jangang maing2 dg Cina Ganu & Kelate!


  1. Aaaaaaah! A lesson is dialectics. someone walks away extremely embarassed, i would say. jolly well done my boy!!!!

  2. Cina Terengganu,,

    You rocked the language well man. Due respects to your generations, of Malaysian Family.

  3. Rofl, this is interesting subject though.

    I actually finished my SPM(got a 4B in Malay) before studying overseas, how many ministers kids have actual sat for their BM test at a SPM level?

  4. please please Paddy let me answer that ! Please I got my hands up ! Please let me answer that!!

    NONE! ZILCH. ZERO. KOSONG. (just an informed and calculated guess....anybody to contradict me?)

  5. Well, its not hard to find an answer to that question, just by measuring the age(you take the SPM at age 17), you can clearly see that many of them probably don't.

    And just because they study in Malaysia doesn't mean that they go to a national school, they could easily gone through an international school.

    You can take Indonesian as a language in Australian VCE(Victorian Certificate of Education), it might be similar, it may even help, but it's still not the National Language. I personally don't see much of a difference between the two, but you know how those on the extreme side of Nationalism would see that.

  6. Way to go Ganu Cina! If after nine 9 generations you do not speak and write the way you did then something is not right. But you did extremely well indeed. And to the bodoh Mohd. Malaysia is not what it used to be when Cino speak only dialect and broken Malay. Wake up. Gone are those days. Tidur lagi ke?

  7. The only Malaysians of Chinese ethnicity who speak BM with an accent would be the ones on TV especially those local sitcoms. Come on!! Get real!! Some of my Chinese friends speak beautiful BM that would put some of these "sawo matang" types to shame.

  8. ...pls, can..can i ...i post in chinese ah !?
    my BM no baik laa...u see i learned bahasa kebangsaan ( bukan BM ) from 1960 in a sekolah cina in kk perak & taught by a part time old malay cikgu named LOK ,
    & ..& i tau 'kaki ayam', me, men , mem, ter &...&...manyak manyak , maaf ...sori , sudah lupa laa !
    Then i passed bahasa kebangsaan in 1964 for my sc/mce & sikalang i'm
    sudah 64 so susah to get a credit in BM for spm & tak boleh naik gaji ....SIGH !

  9. Indians mari malaya 1030 years ago ; Cina mari sini 1000 years oredi
    BUT...BUT malays only 700 tahun mari sini lah !!??

  10. In Indonesia they speak and write Bahasa Indonesia everyday yet they were discriminated.

    In India they speak and write Tamil/Hindi everyday yet they were discriminated.

    It's not about the language. It's an excuse. Even the chinese were minority they fear them. Why? Because Chinese work hard, excel, survive in whatever trade to be the best. If the lack confidence, the rent-seekers and lazy do the same they will not fear the minority. They will say let us compete on equal ground. They will also survive anywhere without clutches. Simple.

  11. Let me say more.

    There are Malays who speaks Malay but not perfect Malay and lack vocabulary. And they can't even write.

    So what do you call them?

    All this about the Malay language is all nonsense but an excuse to hold power and discriminate.

  12. Thats the difference between the Chinese in Trengganu and in Kelantan to some Chinese in Kuala Lumpur, probably some workshops!

    " Dia tak tahu cakap Melayu lah!"
    exclaimed the tauke about his mechanic. Was told that he is from Perak.

    At this age, after these years! Where is he actually from?

  13. I will play the devils advocate.

    I think what mohd really meant was not just speaking BM. Say for eg if we wanted equality and everything and to b treated as equal citizens, are we the chinese or indians prepared to say for eg shut down our chinese schools and indian schools.

    For the sake of national integration.

    Lets be honest. Vernacular schools does nothing in fact is a nett negative to fostering national unity.

    But then i do concede the point the quality of teaching in natioanl schools leaves much to be desired.


  14. sunwayopal,

    Apa lu mau marah sama itu Mohd, dia bukan marah sama kita, lu takda baca ka dia cakap orang putih, dia suruh orang putih hari-hari cakap dan tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu. Itu pasal dia diam takda jawab sebab itu orang putih belum jawab soalan dia. Lu jangan ingat itu Mohd Melayu, orang putih pun ada nama Mohd jugak, serupa itu Mohd Johan Abdullah.

  15. malay ministers dun NO the bezaan antara 'kami' & 'kita' laa....malu saja !!

  16. Alo Uncle HH, soli ar wa tanya, apa pasat lu kasi tarok itu tong sampah tepi itu semua comment? Tapi wa klik itu tong sampah dia tak mau buka woh?

    Soli ar....wa loose loose sikit...

  17. FMZam...itu tong sampah can only accept itu 'Balisan Nasional' punya olang...lain olang mesti masuk itu plastik beg baru boleh baling masuk itu rubbish dump.

  18. Haiya Uncle ar... he..he..he..sampah pun atak class ka?

  19. Encik Mohd
    Cina Terengganu bukang saje pandai cakak Melayu, budu, petai, jering pung dia makang.
    Padang muke mu!

  20. wow ...manyak baik , semua rojak rojak manyak syok ...aku 'anthony mus' from tempat 'kopi putih' lah !

  21. Anonymous You said,

    In India they speak and write Tamil/Hindi everyday yet they were discriminated. Never mislead people to believe what you don't know.
    In India, the Central Government of Delhi, headed by PM Manmohan Singh's Constitutional Policy is, Hindi and English are the National Languages. While English is the Educational Language of India, Hindi is the Educational/ Communicative Language of India.
    Tamil is written/spoken in a small district state of Tamilnad, in Southern Indian Tip. State of Tamilnad Ministers, discriminated the teaching of Hindi in favour for Tamil, by agitating people to gain their votes. 'Like UMNO saying KETUANAN MELAYU'. In the early 2000 the Tamilian MInisters surrendered, after the Government Civil Service of India, demoted all Tamilian Government Officials from Civil Service. These Officials could not speak, read and write in Hindi.
    I was shocked to read the 'Star 29 Oct 2009 under Other News & VIEWS, Page N51'.
    Just like you, both the Illetrate Minister Ng Yen Yen and MIC Youth Secratary Sivaraj, wanting to have Tamil incorporated, in the DVD Malaysia Truly Asia. The focus of Tourism is on the People of India, whose national language is Hindi. So,,what has a small state of Tamilnad's languange, got to do with the big picture, of 1.3 billion Indians. 99% of Indian population reads Hindi and English. Only 1% is Tamil speaking from the Southern Tip of India, where poverty is at large and the people, can't even afford a train ticket to travel to Madras or Chennai, from their villages.
    So,, where should the Ministery Officials be focussing, its Scanner. On a poor state of Tamilnad or the rich Hindi Speaking belt of India. Malaysiaian Tamilians don't even know, what their ancestrol country's background is all about but, their so called MIC leaders seem to be pressing, the wrong buttons at the cost of RAKYAT TAX MONEY. This is dispensing false information, to an already Illiterate Minister of Tourism.
    Shocking!!!!! The Ministry of Foriegn Affairs should look into this matter and show due respects in Diplomatis Relations, with an Industrial Giant like India.