Thursday 22 October 2009

Cakap Cakap ....PPSMI - comment anonymous

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Pak HH,

You hit the sweet spot when you asked the question "Are better educated Malays a threat to UMNO?"

1UMNO's strategy is very simple: Keep the masses (Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, Dayaks, etc) stupid and ignorant by denying them the opportunity of learning an international language (English) under the pretext of dignifying Bahasa Melayu. Add in the sweetener for the Malays by lowering the education standards so that every Ibrahim, Hassan and Zulkifli gets scholarships to a local Uni and emerged a few years later with a useless degree whose worth is less that the price of the paper it's printed on.

1UMNO and its 1BN lapdogs leaders will continue to send their own children overseas for an English education (and enjoy some beer!) so their children can return to 1Malaysia with some splattering of English to continue the 1UMNO-1BN tradition of pillage and rape of the country's resources, supported by the ignorant "no speakee Engleesh" Malaysian masses who continue to vote for 1UMNO-BN.


  1. We chide Singapore with their Singlish and China with their Chinglish, but we have Manglish.

    But we cannot chide Singapore and China with their Mandarin but yet we have ChinLAY, IndiLAY, MamakLAY, BanglaLAY, IndoLAY, FilipLAY, VietLAY, KampuchLAY and whateverLAY.

  2. Salam buat pak HH,

    I've been reading ur blogs for the past 3weeks,

    this is the 1st time i'm giving my humble opinion in ur blog,

    n hope u dun mind if it is in bahasa.

    Sy tk merasakan bhw kerajaan memansuhkan dasar ppsmi dgn niat utk membiarkan rakyat trus "kekurangan" nilai2 kebolehsaingan dgn masy antarabangsa yg lain dlm arena ekonomi pasaran bebas..saya juga bersetuju bhw penguasaan bhs inggeris bisa menambah "nilai pasaran" kepada individu tk kira latar kaum,tp utk menjustifikasikan tindakan memansuhkan ppsmi oleh kerajaan adalah lgkah terkebelakang dan berunsur membiarkan masy. Menjadi trus "diperbodohkan" adalah kurang tepat,adakah ini bermakna pak HH bersetuju sekiranya dikatakan tindakan gabungan pemansuhan ppsmi yg dipelopori beberapa tokoh bhsa dan politik berniat sblm ini sbg langkah yg sama,yakni utk membiarkan masyarakat terus ketinggalan dlm arus pemodenan yg serba serbi inggeris? Ada byk impak negatif pelaksanaan ppsmi tehadap majoriti pelajar melayu di luar bandar,pelajar sekolah tamil di estet dan kemungkinan sdikit pada pelajar etnik cina..mgkin pada keluarga masyarakat bependapatan teguh di bandar mampu utk survive dlm dasar ini.

    And for you info sir,im a big fan of ur son in law's band named butterfingers,and it's irony that they started the musical journey of them in english,and end up in 2 beautifully produced malay language album..utk malaysia saya percaya bahasa malaysia boleh jadi bahasa perpaduan dan kemajuan..

    Maaf andai salah kata,
    keep on writing pak!

  3. DFTunes

    Thank for reading what I write and making an effort to comment on what I write. I did not mind your doing it in Bahasa – so now you will have to ‘do not mind’ me replying in English…it took me long enough to read your Bahasa piece…but I got through it!

    You remember Watergate? I believe Nixon when he said that he had nothing to do with it. It was only when I heard what he said on the tapes that made me change my mind…many years later! The same with Bush invasion of Iraq. When he said Sadam had weapons of mass destruction – I believed Bush! After Iraq has been destroyed – no weapons of mass destruction! Benazir Bhutto said that she was going to be assassinated. I told myself that that was just her trying to get sympathy and votes from the people of Pakistan. She was assassinated! Now to Malaysia. Puspakom. I put a proposal together with Goh Ban Huat based on the Singapore module because I was told that the Government was looking for proposals. Then I met aruah Yahaya Ahmad of DRB (a school mate from MCKK – same year) after I had submitted my proposal – and he told me “Hussein Mahathir is giving it to me”. I did not believe him….and you know what happened !

    So my friend I know that it is hard to believe that UMNO will deliberately put in place policies that will deliberately put the Malays at a disadvantage. Think about this. UMNO has had 50 years of total power in Malaysia. Yes we Malays are better than what we are many years back – but can you see how much the Chinese have advanced despite – or should I say in spite of what UMNO is doing to slow down the Chinese progress. And we Malays with 50 years of UMNO are still playing second fiddle to the Chinese.

    So in as far as PPSMI is concern – whether knowingly or otherwise – by continuing to advance Bahasa over English – what UMNO is doing is again putting the Malays at a disadvantage. I have met anak Melayu kita who are simply lost in trying to understand what it is they are against when thrown into the realities of the global community. They embarrass me and sadder they themselves are embarrass that they are unable to cope.

    So if you say that the Government and our learned scholars etc mean well…yes possibly in all sincerity they mean well – but can they not see that this is one of the Malays Achilles heal when they go into the real world? And go into the real world they must if we Malays are to have our dignity and out sense of self back.

    p.s. Butterfingers did the last two albums in Bahasa because they wanted to cross into the Malay market - they were confident that they would keep their non-Malay fans – so a good marketing ploy. I tried to listen to their songs and really had some in depth discussions with Emmett about what Butterfingers music was about…but truthfully …I am still unable to follow! ..but must support lah !

    Please continue to comment – in Bahasa if you want – appreciate your support of steadyaku47.