Saturday 24 October 2009

Cakap cakap...tukar nama?

There have been a number of suggestion, proposals and some outright ‘advice’ (polite way of saying the blog title ‘steadyaku47’ sucks!) made to me to change the title of this blog to reflect more what it is that I am doing. What say you my friends? Any suggestions on what we should call this blog? I am open to suggestions and would appreciate a more in depth explanation then to say that the 'steadyaku47' title “sucks!”. So fire away! ..and my name is Hussein...not any thing that starts with a 'F' or a 'B' as I have been called in some of the emails I have been getting lately. Sticks and stones may break my bones but talk don't bother me...I think!  


Friends first thing first. With apologies for even thinking about it…’steadyaku47 stays.  This is what I mean by being grounded. What posses me to even think that I should change to any other name? If you guys have not told me to stay where we are at now – I would have begun to think about setting up a TV station by next Friday and by next month we go Asean, then by the end of November Global…think of it everyone who is anybody would tune in everyday to just see what it is that we are talking about on that day. Last week it was Nasi Dagang…maybe by Tuesday it will be Char Kueh Teow! The mind boggles.

But I did get one suggestion, which I liked. Malaysia Now! That was late last night. Went to sleep at about 5a.m. and woke up at 8a.m. …So physically I am still trying to catch up with my mental state. Mentally I am moving between KL and Adelaide – between the Nasi Dagang stall at Kampong Baru and my Kitchen for a cup of coffee. Between the MCA “better then a Laurel and Hardy” comedy and trying to decide if I should just put on hold the other blog that I just started ‘BLOODY FOREIGNERS” about foreigners in Australia (what else would it be with a title like that!)…and I am also trying to figure out that email I got from Cheah at 5am last night…to my question as to why he was still up ..He replied, “Just got home from a tani session la!” Can anybody tell me what is a “tani session?”

Anyway I digress. End of discussion. There are better things to do! Steadyaku47 stays. And apologies from me for being a silly old man with delusion of grandeur about going Asean and then Global…now who is the stupid idiot?


  1. I think the blog name is unique, I like it. You're doing fine and.. you speak out. You told that Malays are playing second fiddle to the chinese despite the NEP. Yes, coz of the hardship, the chinese work even harder inorder to survive as they know things don't come to them easily, they have to strive for the better. Good is just not good enough in the NEP environment. So the NEP has actually helped the chinese to be better equiped in the global markets. Thanks to the NEP!

  2. I think the name STEADYAKU47 is fine. I like it and so do many of us.Steadylah, don't let it bother you. I like your blog contents.

  3. Hussein, Steadylah! I think your blog name is unique and "you". My take on it is that you should keep it.

    Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!!! :)

  4. Pak HH,

    Forget about name change, stick to it till doomsday. Be like Yahoo, it suck the first time but the name stays, the cosmetics change. You may change everything else but Steadyaku47 must remain forever.

  5. In your shoes I'd consider keeping "steadyaku47" somewhere in the blog banner for continuity - because it's a name that has quickly gained prominence in the Malaysian blogosphere. However, I'd also consider using your initials as an eye-catching graphic that goes... HAH! This word is almost as expressive as Patrick Teoh's infamous Niamah! but a lot more sopan and it carries so many different emotions... try yelling "HAH!" and you'll see what I mean :-)

  6. Nah! Don't even think of it HAH! that HAH has been Hasyidah Azlin Hashim to make me think of her again.

    You have two Blogs Pak, you change Steadyaku47 you better change Bloody Foreigner as well.

    You have better other works to do than changing name.

  7. Dear En. HH,

    What is in a name? I believe in substance over form. Just like how Malaysia Today fights for the future of Malaysia, doesn't mean they should change their name to Malaysia Tomorrow.

    The blog is fabulous as it is now.

  8. steady atau tak steady, your peminat will always find you just as handsome and good.

    Keep on writing steadily.

    Steadyaku47 is indeed beautiful.

  9. Don't change it lah! I like it. And, people know it already now. Famous even ;)

    Seriously, though. I think it is a masterful stroke: you're steady, and you're in our face.

    I also like the touch of the all lower-case letters. It implies humility, and the fact that you're alone. And, that you'd like to invite us to stand with you.

    So carry on with the name lah, H! I vote you keep it :)

  10. Steady bro, keep on steadying. Youve done well.

  11. Good day En. HH,

    What we need is more Malaysian like you. Bravo.

    As for "tani session", tani means water/liquid. Cheah attended a drinking session.


  12. HH & the rest of readers,

    Sometimes it is necessary to think beyond the boundaries of personal liking and tastes especially when you are addressing politics and culture at the national level.
    The defining and compelling factors are when the planetary citizens at large would like to view your unique flair for writing skills in thought-provoking political and cultural issues and they would want to lend their thoughts to fall in sync with your nuances and politcal idealogies.

    Hence the shift to Malaysia Now @ SteadyAku47 would be a strategic move to take this passionate issues to a higher level.

    The contents will be your distinctive mark of your uniqueness in your expression of thoughts, thus that will be your forte.

    2 cents worth.

  13. What about "BALLS DAH" or the more acceptable "THUNDERBALLS". Like Lennon said, "Happiness is like a warm gun".

  14. if u need to change the name, pls maintain the word steady. it is
    because lu ho liao, lu sooi, lu steady!


  15. You heard the man guys, Steadyaku47 stays!

  16. FMZam...thanks for not putting "old" before the "man"...

  17. tani session is "beer" session, hard liquor included.

  18. steadyaku47 should stay. HH your comments and views are steady (no pusing balik type like the malaysian administration). Keep it.. your followers like it, we are used to it..