Thursday 29 October 2009

Making a stand !!

They can say that Anwar is tainted. They can say that the core within PKR were all once UMNO people. That PR handling of Sabah was not correct. That there are fundamental problem within PAS leadership which, if not resolved, will lead to its break up into UMNO /PR factions. That Lim Kit Siang put his son as Chief Minister of Penang. That Khalid in Selangor is out of his depths in trying to bring some semblance of good governance to this most developed of states in Malaysia. What else? You want some more? Yes there are more! Why has Zaid taken six months sabbatical? Jeffrey Kitingan  has resigned as PKR  vice president in Sabah? PKR Sec Gen has resigned? We can go on and on – but here is the reality!
We are fighting a coalition call Barisan Nasional with UMNO as its apex – and they will not allow us to play on a level playing field. They make and break the rules as they go along. They make and interpret the rule to suit their purpose. They have a Judiciary that have time and time again by its decisions shown us that it will do the bidding of their political masters – UMNO. Of course PDRM and the Army are loyal to the Government of the day – and so they should! UMNO has untold richness stolen from the nation coffers to finance their fight against anybody they perceived to be their foe– and Pakatan Rakyat and those with Pakatan Rakyat are their foes.
They are without question a formidable lot. And at the head of this formidable lot is Najib – a Prime Minister whose morals and ethics are questionable – not in a vague manner but with clear cut links to a murder to a Mongolian Lady call Altantuya, a proven track record of working with Aduns in Perak who are under investigation for corruption – but justifies his action as a means to an end – and unashamedly dragging the Sultan of Perak into his conspiracies with money, lots of money! And again with Saiful this Najib, after denying he had done so, had to agree that he did meet with this person to plot the taking down of Anwar again on sodomy charges.   
This same Najib also has a wife Rosmah, who chose to ride on the coat tails of her husband when he was Minister of Defense and now with relish - as Prime Minister. Not as a patron of Batik like Endon or to encourage Badminton as with Toh Puan Dr Siti Hasmah – but as the bag man for projects and defense supplies – earning her the much deserved Rosmah ten percent – and now she has the whole country to work on – no longer just MINDEF! What havoc will she cause now?
So against all this that I have said – what do I do? Am I to be whiter than white in my deeds? Am I to check and double the accuracy of every information, data or ‘facts’ forwarded to me before I post it in my blog? Am I to refrain from making innuendos or accusations of ‘innocent’ UMNO political elites because they cannot reply to what I write? Do I need to ponder deeply before I refer to Hishamuddin Hussein as “DIN” when he can contemptuously allude to wanting to fill the jails to the brims with ISA detainees? 
If they cannot stop me from writing because I am in Adelaide. Good that is to our advantage! If the Public read what is in all the blogs and are prodded by these blogs to start thinking about real change in Malaysia. Good! If the powers that be constantly harass these bloggers – even threatening legal action and physically attempts to stop them from being on air - and still cannot stop these bloggers from operating. Good! If they cannot get their grubby hands on Raja Petra – Good. We are the better for it because he can continue to work on MT2Day. Another day, another article! That will wear them down.
And yet I hear that the chatter in cyber space seems now to be doing the work of UMNO and Barisan Nasional – to kill our own! Why should we commit Hari Kiri when we have not even begun our fight against UMNO in earnest?
Do I see this in the Government Control Media? In the TV station? From within UMNO are there rumblings against Najib – against the leadership in UMNO? No I do not!
We must stop this tall poppy syndrome “a societal phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are criticized or resented because their talents or achievements elevate them above or distinguish them from their peers”. If we do not support Pakatan Rakayat – who else?
Yes the people voted Pakatan Rakyat – but do we stop to think who gave the people that alternative choice to UMNO? It took effort, determination, focus, belief, confidence and of course money to make Pakatan Rakyat a reality. I still remember that I went to visit a friend of mine in one of the small kampongs in Pahang. He told me that Anwar had asked for his help to put together a candidate to stand against UMNO somewhere in Pahang. In fact Anwar called while I was with this friend of mine to talk to him. I took the phone from this friend of mine and asked Anwar what was he doing calling this friend of mine! After that call my friend and me sat down to discuss the pro and cons of him getting himself involved with PR. I am ashamed to say that I told him to think very carefully before he committed himself to Anwar!
And then there was my cousin Yem. He wanted to stand for Keadilan in Titiwangsa. This time I kept my silence but another cousin of mine working with DBKL thought it necessary to have a word with Yem (supposedly on behalf of DBKL?) and told Yem that there are better things to do! Nevertheless Yem made his own decision on this matter  - and I am happy to say that he is still now in Keadilan doing his “National Service”.
And so my friend what I am saying is this. Yes the people voted Pakatan Rakyat in – but let us say that it was a joint effort – the people wanted change, Pakatan Rakyat provided the option.
And now because we voted them in they must be perfect? I am not perfect. I have many skeletons in my cupboards. My wife is not perfect – and yet I married her. She married me. She is 63 and I am 63 and we are still working on making our marriage right after over 40 years of being together.  But our love is strong enough to weather almost anything. Almost…but it will do for now.
For Pakatan Rakyat I believe there is enough common sense within them to make them understand what it is that they are facing in UMNO. What our expectations and aspiration of them are and more important – what they need to do to win the next General Election. In the process they have to contend within their camps with politicians who have vested interest, politicians with making money on their minds, politicians who will do what they must to attain power. As they say - in politics your enemy cannot kill you but you friends can.
Pakatan Rakyat is not perfect. Anwar or any of the leader within PR are not perfect – but each have served their time, gone through enough trials and tribulations without having to cop any more from us. In contrast what have UMNO leaders gone through? The good life, ostentatious consumption, cracking their head trying to decide how much Petronas and Proton should ‘contribute’ towards F1 Malaysia Team? Who should get what from the next wave of privatization? Who gets to use which private Jet to go where? How much money they will make from which projects? And Din is day dreaming about being DPM - so watch out Mahyuddin!
I know that we bloggers would like to give our readers the impression that ours is an impartial and fact filled blogs that will always be a champion for the oppressed and the downtrodden. That we are there to give voice to those with grievances unheard by the powers that be. That our cause is nobel. 
Well I think it is time I make myself clear. For me I am with the opposition Not with UMNO but with the opposition. If the credible opposition is Pakatan Rakyat – so be it. And I want to work towards the creation of an effective opposition that would give any Government of the day a run for its money – and that will include UMNO, when they are in opposition. I cannot be more clear then that as to where I stand. No I am not pro Anwar. If you read my earlier postings you will understand why I say this. I am for Lim Kit Siang, for Tok Guru and for all those that will stand against UMNO and Barisan Nasional. And if Anwar will stand beside me in this fight against UMNO then I am with him…or dare I say he is with me? 


  1. YES!!! brother!!! All the way, no turning back and we want CHANGE!!!

  2. UR1 VR2. No matter rain or shine I am with PR.

    My battle cry to topple UMno...UR1 VR2

  3. I agre HH 110%.

    A lot of people dont understand this fact, esp the chinese. They have forgotten who the TRUE and REAL enenmy is.

    Hassan Ali and Zul Nordin make an ass of themselves ( i agree these 2 are jackasses) , they say its better they vote UMNO to teach PAS a lesson.

    Talk about being the biggest idiots in Malaysia.

    Dont they realise we need to accep PAS , INCLUDING WARTS and all. Lets get rid of UMNO first and if we have to put idiots like Hassan Ali and Zul Nordin in power , so be it.

    We can kick them out after 5 years!

    In any case, honestly, is Hassan Ali more evil than Najis Razak?

    Is Hassan Ali more evil than say Zambry Kadir.

    Thats why we have to think straight and get our priorities right!


  4. To all 'Rakyat Malaysia', please stand up and be counted !!

    Come PRU13, together we make history, together we build a better Malaysia !!!

    Thanks bro HH ...keep the fire burning !!


  5. Sunwayopal, I beg to differ. I am a Malaysian (Chinese..stated here just to drive home a point) and I am against BN/UMno. We chinese are fed up with BN. As far as I know, all my friends I talked to and even in the presence of Chinese I dont even know....we are of 1 mind, that is to kick out BN in all elections. Dont believe me, do a survey and you will agree with me.

    By the way, I think you derive your conclusion thru the sole BP results which was spinned to greater heights by BN propaganda revealed by Tok Mat in his book. What was the chinese vote sway to BN in BP may I ask and what is the chinese voters turnout?

    For me and my chinese friends, we have stop reading BN propaganda media a long time ago.

    UR1 VR2

  6. When we have a Prime Minister, we have one Prime Minister who needs to be 'primed' by his bitch, then we know we cannot rely on a general who is so constricted right from his home to go into battle without that 'primer'. Then we know Najib is really a 'Primed' Minister.

    When we have an Education Minister, we have one who needs to be educated more than we need to educate our children.

    When we have a Home Minister, we have one who is always at home instead of in his office.

    And we have a Finance Minister who is the same person of that 'Primed' Minister of that same bitch.

    Then we have a Defence Minister who uses his generals to defend his government first, country last.

    And we have Information Minister who is so 'cheeky'.

    And we have Agricultural Minister who turned agriculture into 'Agree-culture'.

    When we have a government, we have one that offers the people nothing more than just Kitchen Cabinet Ministers.

  7. Macam terrer je mamat ni. Baliklah bertanding kalau dah semangat sangat. Dah tua dah, bawaklah bertenang.

  8. Hello Joe Kepiting,

    Apa u ingat u tak kan tua ka. Lagi baik kita ada orang 'tua yang muda' macam HH daripada ada orang tua macam u yang 'tua sebelum waktu'.

  9. I might be 63...but some parts of me are older and some parts of me are younger. As for Joe one day he will lose his hair, he will start losing his teeth and maybe even his memory...but he cannot lose his good looks...because you cannot lose something you never had ! Camna?...joke lagi !!

  10. aku 64 , bukan olang tua , saya saja olang lama ...tau ?

  11. HH 63, Anthonymus 64, you both are to me 36, 46 respectively, you're lucky man. Myself I am same both way.....damn!

  12. Anthonymus might be older then me by one year..but I am smarter then him by two years...just in case he wants to pull rank on me.......'''jangan marah anthonymus...just play play only. Life cannot be taken too for Joe he is not a complete idiot...some parts are missing!! its 3am here in adelaide...gua mau titonlah...good nite one and all !

  13. Brother, I agree with you.
    I dont want BN to rule another 50 years. I will vote for Pakatan until they form the federal government. Alot of people can say alot of things about Pakatan. But for me it's very simple, if you love your country, please vote Pakatan. Only when BN becomes opposition, Malaysia could be save. Because only then, BN would learn to respect the Rakyat.

  14. Pak HH, before you go to bed, here's one for the road :

    It's no big deal if PKR is a goner in Sabah or Sarawak, there will always be a new party and another and another to go on with fighting against BN until BN is defeated. Sabah and Sarawak will be free only when BN is defeated and we all know that when BN is defeated in Sabah and Sarawak, the BN of the Peninsular will start to crumble.

    So don't just say PKR is using Sabahans and Sarawakians to win the next GE, say BN is so very much dependent on East Malaysians to remain in power that keeps the people of Sabah and Sarawak forever under invasion!

  15. though aku 64, suka main main juga ...hehehe ... goodnite ; let's main something else esok, ok !?

  16. Bro, Rakyat Malaysia just wants him to declare what exact;y is his conceptual framework and walk the talk. If he cannot even do that then he is a chameleon. Personally I will wait for what Zaid proposes.

    It should not be that we vote because we do not want UMNO. We must vote because we want Anwar! Right now Anwar is not giving us enough reasons!!!

  17. Abang

    Glad that you are focused and not easily ruffled.

    Golden Boy

  18. Maybe we pin too much hope on Pakatan that we wish they do things more efficiently, effectively and fairly. Pakatan is definitely a young coalition. PKR is a party formed due to Anwar sodomy I case. Can PKR become a political without Anwar? Probably not. I don't know much about inside story on PKR. Thus, I'll have use my best judgement on PKR. I pray that Anwar is trying to build a strong political party that's more transparent and democratic.

    What about PAS? I like Tok Guru, Perak MB, Khalid Samad, etc but I hate Hassan Ali. I don't understand why Hadi Awang didn't take any disciplin action on him. Though I'm not a Muslim but I've always fight for Muslim rights in America. I've always tell folks that not all Muslims are racist similarly not all white are KKK. I pray that PAS will truly be a PARTY for all yet Hassan Ali and the other folks always proved me wrong!

    DAP? I hope more Malay will join this political party. I hope Pakcik HH can encourage more Malay to join them. This will make DAP more relevant to the Malays.

    Lastly, I hate UMNO because they're arrogant and they don't even want to help their own race. They don't understand that corruption is destroying our beloved country. Once again, I love Pakatan so much that I wish they can work more cohesively together for the sake of this country!

    P/S: I don't understand why KU LI is still with UMNO if he truly love this country!

  19. With Ku Li it is one thing to pour forth your wisdom and thoughts from the comfort of your living room (as I do!!) but another to be in the front line. I hope I am wrong but I think he is too comfortable and too entrenched with his current lifestyle to want to 'turun padang' -let us hope that he can still be 'moved' to do more then just talk!

    As for the likes of Hassan Ali... for him it is always ME, ME and then more ME. With him inside PAS they can better contain his excesses. He has a personal agenda - power. We wait to see what would be the final outcome. Just as we are anxious to have Hassan Ali etc disciplined we have to accept that he is NOT PAS.

    All these irritations are not going to make Pakatan digress from the bigger picture - the next GE - which I believe Zaid is working on now.

    Every party had different reasons for its formation -let us just be grateful that PKR has come into being.
    While Anwar was the impetus for the formation of PKR there are enough checks and balances established within PKR to ensure its survival , with or without Anwar - and also to contain Anwar!
    Do keep giving me your point of view. Regards.

  20. To UR1 and VR2,

    Congrats and bravo to u. You at least have never lost sight of what is the main objective , ie to get rid of UMNO should b more important than ANYTHING else.

    Why do u think i am wrong?

    In the immediate aftermath of the Bagan Pinang election, if u had gone around the blogs, there were so many posts that had this same tune :-

    1) I am a chinese and while me and family previously voted for PAS in PRU 12, this time round, we voted BeeEnd to teach PAS a lesson.

    So many of these type of posts, whats your comment then on chinese and indians like the above ?

    We have to get rid of such feelings. I have ZERO issues with all these talk on beer lah, SELCAT lah, caning Kartika lah, ban this concert, bam that concert.

    They can talk all they want.

    NO matter what, GET RID OF UMNO ! and take back this country stays the NUMBER ONE NUMERO UNO objective. Never forget that!


  21. FMZam, u r the same both ways = cant be above 44, right ? .... 33 !?
    aiyaa...22 ah ??? wow ..11 ? !!!!

  22. Sunwayopal, I like u have the same objective...that is to kick out UMno in all elections...especially the GE13. Congrats and bravo to u too.

    I dont believe of comments in blogs of 'I m chinese voting for BN thia time around' right after BP results. I treat this comments as 'putting salts into wounds' by BN cyber-troopers. No doubts this type of comments is good as a wake-up call to all PR truly fine tune PR to be ready for GE13.

    I give you reasons why most chinese like me will never vote for BN...ever: 1) TBH murder, 2) calling we chinese as Pendatang, 3)non-bumi status 4)Corruptions in the Billions 5)Unfair scholarship allocations and so on and so forth.

    UR1 VR2