Tuesday 27 October 2009

Dr Amrit Sekhon...a comment.

Dr. Amrit Sekhon has left a new comment on your post "Cakap cakap....UMNO ! -with Malay Translation by G...": 

Malaysia is India for me. For the Chinese, Malaysia is China for him and likewise the other people who migrated to Malaysia.
Malaysia has become their motherland, what more when they are born on, Mother Earth.
My personal view is, it's no use revealing or identifying who, what and where, we are from. The bottom line is 'we are all in a ship, that is heading for the reefs'. If we, after knowing from reliable sources on the bridge, that nothing is going right and we are on the verge to crash, abondoning the ship would be a disaster. What choice do we have "mutiny", no way. Since the oars (voting rights) are at our disposal, let us all with, a single mind and a strong heart, save our future and the future of our generations to come. Remove the tyrants. 

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